Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last week. . .

This past week has been a BIT crazy!  Sorry about that lack of blogging.   
Here were our highlights and my thoughts. . .

Monday: laundry all day. . .just like every Monday, except Brayden had a pre-op appt in the middle of the day!

Tuesday:  Work at the church and TRY to get things accomplished!  I left just in time to run down to the Orlando Rescue Mission for our monthly holiday party with the kids who live there!  Yep, it's now a monthly tradition!  In fact, if any of you are considering doing this in your area, just let me know and Brooke and I would be happy to share all of our planning and prep with you to help make things easier!  We had a blast at our St. Patty's Day Party!  The kids loved it.  We did facepainting (Thanks to Miss Amy!), made light catchers (the crafty Brooke!) and had a story about how we want to be the kind of people who others see Jesus all over us. . kind of like the people who look like a green monster threw up on them on St. Patty's day!  I wish I had pictures so this could be a full blog in and of itself.  It was again, a blast!  Mark your calendars NOW for April 9th, our Easter Party at the ORM!

Wednesday:  our Playdate with a Purpose!  Soles for Souls this month!  The kids did great and we collected 25+ pairs of shoes for others.  We also had a flip flop craft and taught the k
ids "Beautiful
 are the feet of him who brings good news"  It was a great time with friends!  Brooke again rose to the occassion.  It made for a bit of a crazy week with both events in one week.  We won't do that again. . .however, we both love the idea of raising our kids with these 2 things in THEIR schedules!  Mark your calendars NOW for the next Playdate with a Purpose on Wednesday, April 22nd to collect School Supplies for RAPHA!

Thursday was my sweet Brayden's surgery.  Poor little guy had to get his tonsil
s and adnoids removed.  =(  they were HUGE.    The great thing was. . he wasn't scared at all.  Even now, he tells me that he wasn't scared and he never even knew he was sleepy!   It did make m
e a bit nervous though. . .at least the "putting him under" thing!  He was so upset when he woke up.  I knew to expect this, but it didn't make it easier.  He just sobbed and sobbed and wailed all over.  It br
oke my heart.  He kept saying "it's worser, Daddy".  I was near tears all day!  We were able to take him right home just 2 hours later and he slept it off and felt better later.  He still has a sore throat a
nd insists on TONS of popsicles, but I think he's recovering nicely.  Thanks to all of my FaceBook friends who kept commenting and praying for us all day!  

Oh yeah. . and Thursday was our sweet Gracie's birthday!  Or, as she calls it, her "birTday".  We decided just to spread her birthday out t
his year.  She went to see Cinderella last week with Nana and Grandad, so that was her main thing.  We went out for Chick Fil A with Grandma and Grandpa on Wednesday night and we even celebrated all day on Thursday.  My mom watched the little ones while we were at the hospital and they celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes.  My sister Brittani even brought over a cake, along with princess plates, a tiara and candles just so we could celebrate that day with everything going on (how sweet is that?!).  We took cake to small group the next day as well so she pretty much thinks every day is her birthday!  I'll need to do a separate Gracie post soon just to brag on my precious thing!

Since then, it's been lay around the house time for us. . .we are watching LOTS of movies and Go, Diego, Go!  Brayden is supposed to lie low for the next week and I'm wondering just how the heck that's gonna happen!


jena said...

Ooooh... a lay around week?!?! That must mean lots of chit chatting on the phone! Maybe we should teach Gracie and KaiaRose the art of long distance girlfriend chats!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

That is one busy week!

Vanessa said...

Hope your little sweetie had a wonderful birthday!! I'm also sending well wishes for a speedy recovery your way! My litte one had to have the same thing done and it was no walk in the park that's for sure!

Brittani said...

You have had quite the week, missy. You will need this LAY LOW week... don't shrug it off... use it :)

Nikki said...

HEY! I love your Playdate With A Purpose idea. Totally wish there was something like that around here to bring the kids I volunteer with too. Was thinking about it, and I would actually love to start one up in my area! Would love to talk with you to learn some details about how you run it and everything. It sounds like a great idea, and it would be an awesome chance to teach kids more about what goes on in the world.