Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tonight is Wheel of Fortune

For those of you who wanted a reminder, tonight is the night.

I have to say that while this was a BLAST of an experience to shoot. . .I'm a bit nervous about watching it. I never like my voice and I'm sure I'll be super critical about how I look. Oh yeah and they average 46 million viewer per week. agh!!!!

So, here is my list of caveats that you should remember.
1. They did my make up! I'm worried it looks like way too much. I don't wear much make up at ALL in real life. (their make up team was SUPER sweet, so I'm not saying they did anything wrong)

2. They told us all day long that they needed energy!! So, if you notice a bit of frantic jumping, cheering and kind of goofy energy from us. . .well, it's because we follow directions well!

That's pretty much my list of excuses! That and I talked super fast in my introduction for a purpose, I had a lot to get in!

While I get all nervous and my desire for approval rares its ugly head (especially since most of you don't know me in real life so this is all you see!) I have to remember the truth:
God gave us this fun opportunity.
I got to spend a great day with my sister and meet some other super sweet teams.
I had the opportunity to say most of what I wanted to say.
I pray that God uses us in some small way. . .I have no clue how that will or could be, but He is God and He does nothing without purpose!

Thanks for watching! Please don't make fun of me! haha It airs in Orlando tonight at 7:30 on WFTV channel 9 (ABC).


Brittani said...

i am so nervous, too. I am trying to remember that this was a crazy cool opportunity that God gave us & i don't want to waste the moment worrying over trivial things like weight or hair. I am just going to rejoice :) hey, don't forget, you got to mention your favorite charity on air so that may bring in some new supporters! that is exciting

Amy said...

Hi Brandi! My roommate Tori and I have been waiting for this night for MONTHS! we are giant wheel fans and when i told her you were going to be on it, we marked our calendars! can't wait!

love amy

Andrea said...

1. you should probably start wearing makeup on a daily basis
2. You are always full of annoying, I mean goofy energy
3. You always talk A LOT!!!!
Love you, Andrea

jena said...

Just for the record my children are more excited about this than anyone else... I am pretty certain. I am letting them stay up past their bedtime... on a school night to see you and Brit!

They say thank you by the way!

Jill said...

Ooh Ooh Ooh! I can't wait to watch!!
How cool!!

Sarah said...

oooooh! I can't wait to watch!

Melissa said...

Awww, I wish I had cable!! I'll have to see if my mom will tape it for me, yes tape, we live in the dark ages up here in Virginia :)

I'm sure you both did great!

Anonymous said...

I even told my parents who watch the "Wheel" every night that you two girls would be on tonight. I described you as two adorable girls who used to be in my kids choir when I was first married 19 years ago. Now you are all grown up with babies of your own. Oh great, now I feel sort of OLD! I don't care, I'll have fun watching you two anyways.

Love Ya!

Dianna M.

Christina said...

Hey girl! I am super nervous about my show too. I love your reminder that God gave us this fun opportunity. I will pray that He eases your mind and you enjoy watching it. Hope to see you sooN!!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

I'm watching it right now!!!! ... tuned in just to see you :) You (both) are SO CUTE :) and did a GREAT job!!!!
See you soon in real life!

Karin said...

I read this post at 7:46 pm... so I just caught the tail end! way to go on those toss ups! :) you looked great~ and your voice is nice.

Tanya said...

Hey, just got finished watching while I did Wii fit free aerobics. You did great!! and you looked Maaaavalous, darling!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls did really great! I was impressed. I was watching with my oldest, Madison and she loved seeing you on tv! We miss you guys!

Joyful Living said...

SERIOUSLY!?!??!!? DID I MISS IT!? AWWW MAN! I hope it's on YouTube, or a re-run is coming fun to see you!

Becky said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so glad I didn't miss it. I've been watching all week to see if you were on and tonight we weren't home so at the last minute before I left I set the DVR just in case. : ) My girls were so excited to see Miss Brandi who made Kids Lake. : ) I made them go to bed before they saw the end so they aren't too happy with me. I'm trying not to be jealous of how cute you really are. I've always thought so from your blog pics, but now I know the truth. Not fair. Ha Ha. I hope you had fun.


Jackie Sue said...


Lindsey said...

1. you both looked GREAT (and tall...)
a) nice shirts!!
b) beautiful makeup!!
c) long, flowing, gorgeous hair!!
d) stunning smiles!!
2. i can't believe how awesome you did on those fast rounds - AMAZING
3. how cool is it that i know someone on TV??
4. love the hugs you gave each other when you got something right
5. also love that you were whispering to each other - you weren't playing around!!
6. SO FUN! You girls were AWESOME!

Jill said...

We DVR'd it and watched it as a family later last two were too ADORABLE!!
To much make-up...Nah!
You looked great!!!