Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wooing

The proposal is one of the most romantic moments in life. Much planning and preparation goes into that one moment where the man finally declares not only his love, but his commitment to the girl. The more planning and preparation, the better. Every girl loves a romantic proposal. You know the kind. . he asks her best friend to invite her out for dinner but the friend actually drops her off at a candlelit park where another friend meets her with a towel over her arm to serve them dinner. You get the picture. You know what's fun? Being that friend! The one who gets to be a part of the surprise, who gets to be a small piece of the man pledging his love. That is such a special feeling! What a joy!

In Joshua 1, God speaks to Joshua's fearful heart by saying, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." This echoed in my aching heart for the sweet children of Rapha. I began to cry out to the Lord, 'SHOW them. Show them Your love. Show them your promises. Lord, you have promised that you wouldn't leave them. Use your provision to reveal your truth to their hearts"

And then I realized, the LORD is going to use US in His displaying of His love. Actually, this happens all over the board. We get to be that friend. The one who the bridegroom uses in vowing His love. Does that floor you? Put you in tears in amazement and awe?

The GOD OF THE UNIVERSE chooses to use us. Pause to let that sink in. He uses US to demonstrate His love and reveal His truth to those He adores every day. Whether you are participating in Rescue for Rapha or simply befriending your next door neighbor, you have the opportunity to be a part of proposal. Just accept the invitation and drink it in.


auntie katie said...

BEAUTIFUL. thank you for putting it so sweetly.

i LOVE you!

Angela said...

Very humbling!! It is so true though, we are his hands,his feet, his heart....

I pray I choose daily to live to be used by him!!

Thanks for this!!

jena said...

I love that he adores us enough to let us in on the goodness.