Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Family Pics. (alternate title: Take that Brent Riggs)

In honor of my wonderful Mom's birthday today. . . another photo post! While she is so encouraging and loves reading what I'm learning, she really checks here for pictures and stories of her grandkids! These pictures were taken on Easter Sunday.

Us girls. . .me, my mom, Stephani (the youngest) and Brittani( my middle sis)
My hubby (the former gloggler) and I!

Brayden thought it would be funny to mess up Mama and Gracie's picture =)

My sweet cousin Allie. I can't believe she's so grown now. She was my flower girl!

Nana, Grandad and the kiddos

Just the guys (my dad, Greg and Brittani's hubby Mat)
And finally. . .drumroll please, a fairly good family picture! Those of you with 3 toddlers know how stinking difficult this can actually be! Take that Brent Riggs! (if you haven't yet read this month's Serious Life Magazine do so now. . .and note the oh so lovely picture of us that he chose after nicely publishing one of my posts! =)


Kari said...

You all got some great pictures on Easter! I love your dress also, it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! You look so skinny!!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Cute pictures!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Love the new pic.

Davis' face lights me up!

and I love what "anonymous" said! who doesn't want to hear they look skinny! so. skinny at that ;)

Hope you are having a blessed weekend!


jena said...

I don't know... I might like the other picture better....