Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Palooza ~ in Honor of my parents

Thanks for all your sweet thoughts and reminders to be still this weekend. I really did! It was SO relaxing and just what I needed. We arrived at the hotel Friday evening and immediately changed into our suits to head to the pool where we ate dinner and swam the lazy river as a group. Greg coined the entire weekend "Birthday Palooza", which my dad loved! When it was time for the kids to go to bed Greg went and worked out and I relaxed by myself. I even fell asleep before Greg got back at 10 pm!!! All day Saturday we spent by the pool. . .oh how I love this! The kids had a blast and so did the adults. We laughed like crazy (we tend to make fun of each other just a bit =) and enjoyed the down time. Greg even took the kids up for naps and I got to lay by the pool for 2 hours just with my sister and mom. We also did the lazy river just the 3 of us while listening to Brittani pine over Billy Mays. hehe We ran into him at the pool and she and Mat are apparently really big fans! (he's the oxi clean guy)

Last night ended with Granny and Papa along with Barry and Shannon and the kids joining us for dinner! What a relaxing evening and weekend. Thanks Dad for a great Birthday Palooza in your honor!

Speaking fo honor, I have to say that I have been remiss in not doing a birthday post honoring my parents and their birthdays this month. You can check Brittani's blog for her sweet tributes, which she does for everyone's birthdays. (I know, she's the sweeter sister). Being with my family this weekend reminded me of how blessed we are to even WANT to be with our family!

The words that come to my mind when I think of my parents are "Great is THY faithfulness" for His love really has endured for generations in our family. I am so blessed to come from a true Christian heritage that goes back generations on both sides. We aren't a perfect family by any means, but we love Jesus. Truly that's what I can say to describe my parents, they love Jesus and they love others. And not just a "I love Jesus" on a Sunday kind of relationship. . .but a real, growing relationship that seeks transformative change. Both of my parents are regularly sharing what they are learning and how God is revealing His truth to them. That's the kind of role models you want for yourselves and your chidlren!

Thank you Mom and Dad for your heritage of faithfulness and how you have, through lives well lived, taught us to trust in a faithful God. Through your vibrant relationships with Jesus, you made him appealing to us. There was NEVER a time in my life where I thought that the Christian life was dead and I should look elsewhere. Your generosity showed us that Jesus wants to give good gifts. Your willingness to open your home taught us about hospitality and about housing the "stranger" (Isaiah 57). Your joy, laughter and fun made us know and desire the JOY that comes from the Lord. Your use of the teachable moments growing up helped us to see truth everywhere and that all of creation had something to teach us about our God. I love that you guys are our biggest cheerleaders (I always know that you are proud of me)!! I also love that you have taught us through words and actions the necessity of confession and how our hearts are deceitful and we need Jesus. I even remember you waking us up to apologize when we were children. . or just to feed us steak b/c you felt bad that we'd just gotten mac n cheese and the adults were eating better than us!

I love you both and am so grateful for you. I have been truly blessed and changed by you (Jesus in you). Thanks for teaching me a ton . .but also just being really fun! I'm ready for the Birthday Palooza to continue today! You guys are both worth celebrating!

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Beautiful Mess said...

This made me cry... I am such a sap! But I love that you took the time to honor them. Thank you, it blessed me.

God bless you all!