Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip Prayer Requests

Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging as we lead up to this trip! We are thrilled! There are 10 of us girls traveling together from all across the US. Our desire is to see multiple orphan communities find sponsoring church / city communities! Here are some of our prayer requests. . not in order of importance!

1. Flights ~ connections, extra seats for sleeping (huge request), safety
2. Peace for those traveling alone
3. Physical Condition ~ you know how you get run down when you travel? We have to hit the ground running. There are also lots of germs on planes so pray against sickness
4. On the ground travel ~ safety, time, vehicle conditions, drivers, etc

1. As I said. . .10 women. . .need I say more? hehe, but truthfully!
2. Unity and instant connection
3. Encouraging attitudes that see Jesus in one another and affirm it
4. Pray against the enemy who will try to place us in judgement of one another
5. Pray against the enemy who will try to destroy self worth
**often, women who care deeply about orphan care feel alone in their world. They expect to have instant connection then with a group of women who share their passions. . however, the enemy can use that to make women compare themselves to one another (i.e. she's the better version of me)
6. Peace (in our hearts and amongst us)
7. Lack of gossip
8. Fun!
9. Challenging of one another
10. Excitement of God's Plans
11. Flexibility

1. Open and receptive to the Lords Leading
2. Ready to be plowed and changed
3. CHANGE. . straight from Jesus
4. Purpose for the trip
5. Clarity from the Lord on next steps
6. Discernment about the orphan community to sponsor
7. Extending compassion with dignity

1. Relationships with on the ground partners and personnel
2. That we would represent the Lord well with ALL we come across
3. That we would be led by the Spirit in all that we do

I'm sure there are another 100 things you could pray over! Add them here and I'll forward them on to the girls. Seriously, we COVET your prayers. More than anything we want HIS plans to proceed and His direction in all that we do. As the leader, you can pray for me to sacrifice my plans and be ready for what God has while still being prepared, for me to be a servant leader yet not think I have to be everything to everyone. does that make sense? Those of you who know me, know my faults in leadership and I know will lift me up. I don't want my sinfulness or self to get in the way of the Lord but want to be changed and used for the Lord all at the same time.


jena said...

Praying indeed in a mighty way!

Kathleen said...

I will be praying for your trip and all of your prayer needs. It will help my constant need to serve the oprhans I care so deeply about. ( I need to do something) I pray at some point God will send me to help in Africa but for now I will be a sender. I love to pray!!!

Blessings and safe travels...

Shauna said...

Where are you going? My hubby is going to Uganda in May! We will be praying for you all.

Beautiful Mess said...

Praying for you sweet sister! God bless you, your team and your ministry!

Valarie Daly said...

I will be lifting the team up in prayer. Make sure you give a big hug and kiss to every one of those little blessings from me :-)

Amy said...

So wish I was part of this team going. He made it clear that it wasn't meant to be this time. Maybe next time.
Praying for you all!