Saturday, May 2, 2009

the Loaves and Panties

We finished out the night. . and into this morning. . (it's now 2 am!!!) with sorting donations! We emptied all our suitcases and sorted the donations into piles. Remember that we were praying for 1000 of each? Well, we never thought we'd get there, especially with underwear. We had kept track very little and finally just decided to collect what we could and check it out once we got here. We had to use this entire living room. We had piles and piles of everything surrounding us! We even took pictures. . .it was so fun. Drumroll please. . . .we are pretty sure that the Lord must have mulitplied these items at some point!

997 Toothbrushes
327 Tubes of Toothpaste + 161 one time toothpaste samples
4548 Pencils + uncounted crayons and markers
1061 pairs of underwear
1 suitcase full of clothes (packed!)
1 suitcase full of shoes

How cool is that? We are so excited to give these away tomorrow!!!! Thanks for giving. You guys are the best!

PS If you haven't read my post from last night, please scroll down. . it's important!


Joyful Living said...

Whoa!!!!! Brandi that is AMAZING! We woke up this morning and prayed over the rest of your day and evening...and now will pray for your day tomorrow.

Beautiful Mess said...

Praise the LORD! Can't wait to hear more about it!