Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meet Mauwa

When you are an adoptive mama, there is something in you that says "if a child doesn't have a parent. . .I can do it".  

This complicates sponsorship.  . .

I hadn't thought about it that much because I didn't know most of the details of 
Mauwa's life.  (remember Molly?, it IS the same girl!)  When we went to Nabakalu, I was abl
e to spend a few moments with Mauwa.  She is a VERY shy girl, and doesn't speak a ton of English which makes communication a little hard.  However, she LOVED th
at Greg had written her 5 times already and she really liked the family picture that I brought over.  I also had her sponsorship profile with me (to remember her last name) and she wanted to keep it.  It is unlikely that she has very many pictures of herself, so I'm sure that was a treat.

The hard part was talking to the leaders of Nabakalu and getting more of her story.  I knew that her mama had died just before our last visit in October, but didn't know anything else.  Norman told me that both of her parents had died from hiv/AIDS.  She now lives at the Home of Champions Orphanage.   

Uganda has an interesting law.  During school holidays (the months of May, September and January) all children who are living at schools or orphanages must return home.  This is to protect their heritage, their ties to their tribe/clan and to keep ownership rights to ancestral land.  They are supposed to go stay with some kind of extended family (there is always SOME family to be found in Uganda).  What makes it difficult is that the extended family doesn't always WANT the child to come back and often doesn't have the means to take care of the child when they do.  

This is what is breaking my heart for Mauwa.  They called Mauwa back to the orphanage for the time we were there, which thrilled her.  Why?  Because during holidays she has to go back to her village and live with her uncles.  Norman told me that she doesn't like this because they don't treat her well. . .and often don't feed her.  

I don't know what to do with this in my heart.  Here she is my responsibility to love and pray for. . that's what sponsorship is, right?  And she is hurting.  My heart aches for her.  Will you join me in praying for her safety?  Praying that she has enough food to eat?  Praying that God turns the hearts of those in her home village towards her?  As an adoptive mama, I just want to scoop her up and protect her from all of this, but I can't.  


jody said...

wow. that is heartbreaking.
She is beautiful. Saying prayers for her today.

Greg said...

It is very hard...and I do agree with you sweetheart, my heart says we can do it, but reality is we are thousands of miles away and many other factors complicate that situation. All we can do is pray for her, continue to write to her and trust that God has a plan that we can expect Him to reveal...not just for her, but for us in this situation.

jeff and katie said...

Is this your girl? What a beauty..oh my.. Praying for her and for you as you stand in prayer and fight for her State side! Although I understand and believe the Ugandan rule is good we too know many kids that are sent to hostile environments during the holidays. It's hard to hear and watch when faces turn sad when the holidays come. Another opportunity to go to our Heavenly Father with our hearts, desires, dreams, prayers, tears, and cries.

ummm....I just read your post on my blog! AHH!!! now how can I wait any longer to talk to you?? Love ya and keeping Mauwa in our prayers!

Beautiful Mess said...

So much I don't understand, but praying anyways.

Thank you for your heart. Sharing it! Amazing!


Amy Savage said...

You're making my heart pound hard this morning, Brandi! What a confusing, difficult situation. I am feeling that pain right along with you. The only thing that helps me breathe is knowing that our huge, amazing God is holding Mauwa in the palm of His hand. My prayer for her is that she will find refuge, strength and JOY under His wings and that God will bring to pass the amazing purpose for which she was created. Love ya, sister.

Kristen said...

now you have been bawling early this morning. thank you for sharing so we can not say we did not know. We will lift up this precious little girl to the Jesus who adores her.

Missy said...

Typing thru tears. She is beautiful and so are you. I love you and wish we could get together soon. Trying to hook up with Ann to hear about Uganda first-hand from her.

Donna Barber said...

Yes a tough and ethical situation.

An area to stretch in as well? I feel for you and for her. Wish her the best.

Erica said...

My heart is breaking. Praying for Mauwa.

Amelia said...

Hi there! My name is Amelia Hirsch and I have been working in Uganda since 2006. I specifically work in NE Uganda in Kapelebyong. Are you in Uganda now? Please e-mail me at frances631@yahoo.com
In Him, Amelia