Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sea World and Uganda (yep, I can combine ANYTHING!)

Wanna know just how lazy of a blogger I am right now? I copied this entire post from my sister's blog! We are on vacation in our own town this week! Hey, when you live in Orlando it's pretty acceptable! We are staying at a timeshare and having fun playing in the pool during the day. . .but we took a time out and hit Sea World (yes, again. . .it's pretty much our favorite place in Orlando). My children LOVE their cousins. . .enough that I braved (and endured) a downpour at Sea World with 3 children, no ponchos and no hubby!

This is the best picture we've ever gotten of our 5 kids! Aren't they precious?
From left to right: Gracie, Anna, Brayden, Bradley and Davis

Davis & Uncle Mat... just plain silly!
Davis LOVES his Uncle Mat right now. . .spends most of his time trying to get Mat to tease or chase him. Too cute

The Boys LOVED the StingRay Exhibit

Anna wouldn't even go near the Sting rays...
until Aunt Brandi went with her :)

Catching a hug when I can

Watching a Show

When the downpour started, I quickly changed my kids into their bathing suits so we'd have dry clothes for the car. Brayden didn't want to wear his shirt for the rest of the day.
Gracie is in her suit in the backseat with Anna sharing the back of her poncho too.

Great Day! Despite the crazy rain, we had a blast. Today we spent the day at the pool and then had Mat and Brittani over for dinner and watching "Night at the Museum" which we had never seen. . .very cute.

PS Uganda Update: I have heard that the trip to Amuria went very well. They fed a lot of kids and connected beautifully with those on the ground. I talked to Joseph (our country director) on Facebook and he said they were a very sweet team =) Keep on praying, they are going to another site tomorrow and don't leave Uganda till Saturday. extra bonus: they are picking me up another 200+ necklaces!! whohoo
The church that met tonight sounds promising. The sweet gal who is petitioning for Katakwi is going to make a proposal with all of her thoughts for a final decision. Please join her in prayer as she determines whether her church is going to jump on or if she is called to petition churches / schools, etc in her area to see this become a more community driven project. I'll keep you updated as I can! Thanks for praying. . .plan to join us next Wednesday too! It's also a big one!


Beautiful Mess said...

Looks like fun!

Glad to hear about the churches and the current trip to Uganda. We are still praying.

I read some of your old posts and man-oh-man they are messing with me! I posted one on my blog.

Also, there is a family that needs help, also posted on my blog "Extreme Makeover: Jesus Edition.

Check them out if you have time!

Enjoy! God bless!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love all these pictures! You guys look like you are having a great vacation!!

Sarah said...

The two pictures of Davis with his Uncle Mat are the cutest pictures ever!!! Love it.