Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to the Dads

Happy Father's Day!!!

We get to say Happy Father's Day to 3 generations of Godly men. I know this is rare. Not only do my children get to celebrate their amazing daddy today, but I do too. . .and so does Greg. . and so do my parents! What a great thing to celebrate not only my hubby, but my dad, his dad and both of my grandfathers and praise the Lord for the wonderful examples they are to us.

Isn't that really what we are for our children. . .and then our children's children: examples. We get to determine through how we live our lives what kind of examples we will be. What we will point our children towards and our words and actions shape the messages they believe.

I can point to many things that these men have shown us, but 3 things stick out to me today.

1. They all point to Jesus. Not just in a "he saved me. . now let's get on with life" but through living out lives that are committed to the Father. Never have we doubted that any of these men love our Lord passionately and live lives submitted to Him.

2. They are trustworthy. I heard a sermon when I was in high school about "daddy wounds" and how when our fathers let us down, it can make it difficult to trust our Heavenly Father. I am so thankful that trust comes fairly naturally for me b/c the fathers / grandfathers in my life proved themselves trustworthy. I am thankful that my children will say the same. They know that when Daddy, Grandad, Grandpa, Papa or Grandpa Great make a promise it is real and can be counted on. This is a message that was communicated through years of relationship with not just words, but lives of action.

3. They communicate intentional messages of unconditional love. Greg intentionally ends each evening by telling our boys how PROUD he is of them. He intentionally ends each night by telling Gracie how much he loves her and cherishes her as his princess. Greg and I have both seen this lived out in our dads and grandfathers. I can tell you now that I know that my dad is proud of me. He has said it and demonstrated it enough that I believe it easily. We also have heard expressions of "I LOVE YOU" daily during our lives. It breaks my heart for my friends who never heard those words growing up. My eyes tear up now to think of it (it makes me want to tell everyone that, every day!). My children do not go a day without hearing that they have a Daddy who adores them. We hear that as well every time we talk to our dads and grandfathers too.

I could go on and on, but this post is already getting pretty long! I am just overwhelmed by thankfulness at the blessing I have been given in these men. What a joy. What an example of Jesus. Thank you guys for pointing us towards the Heavenly Father. HE is who shines through you this Father's Day. The things that makes you a great dad in turn make us better children of the Father and more able to accept HIS unconditional love. For that we are eternally grateful.

Happy Father's Day!

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