Friday, June 5, 2009

Three Little Words

Kendric spent the first 5+ years of his life in Uganda. He was adopted 8 months ago by a pretty amazing family. I had the awesome privilege of meeting and spending time with this precious boy and his family a month ago. . you may remember my super cute pictures! (if I do say so myself)

On Wednesday night, his mama was in Raleigh for a meeting on Uganda and his dad had the kids home for dinner. Keith, his daddy, prepared a huge meal for his growing group of kiddos (they have 6 total, with 2 of them being the newly adopted Ugandans!). After the kids had consumed a large meal, these growing boys asked for even MORE! Keith, being the wise father he is and knowing that kids shouldn't gouge themselves, told the kids "no more food" and sent them playing.

Kendric, however, did not go play. He went off pouting a bit and hiding to be by himself. Keith noticed his behavior and took the opportunity to talk to Kendric about why he was in a funk. Thankfully, with Keith's sweet desire to shepherd his son's heart, Kendric opened up.

He looked up at his dad with sad eyes and said this:
"My belly used to hurt in Uganda. For many, many times there was 'no more food'. My auntie, she used to say "no more food" and my belly would hurt many days.
Tonight, when you said "no more food" my heart, it got very sad and very scared."

Keith (obviously tearing up just like we are) was able to take the time to assure Kendric that there will be more food tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that. He told Kendric not to worry, we will not ever use those words again, "no more food" since it is the source of such a difficult memory. He was able to hold his boy and comfort the wounds of his heart.

Today, there are children just like Kendric. They aren't a nameless, faceless bunch of kids halfway across the world who don't matter. They are kids just like sweet Kendric who are hearing from their aunties, "no more food" and like Kendric they are sad and scared.

Will you change that? Will you provide for them? Will you help the memory of Kendric's past hurt be used to change the lives of children today in Uganda?
(remember to note: feed the forgotten on the notes line when you give)

PS: remember our SWAP IT weekend Challenge!!!!

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