Monday, June 15, 2009

War Dance

We just finished this amazing movie. (you can buy it here to keep, or we watched in on google video here)

It's about the children of N. Uganda who have suffered much under the rebel attacks of the LRA. The movie follows 4 children, telling their stories of how they came to live in this IDP (internally displaced people) Camp. It centers around their school's goal of competing in a nation wide song/dance competition.

Yes, it will make you weep (some of the rawest footage I've ever seen), but it will also make you laugh and want to shake your booty too! Greg and I have already decided that we want to go to that competition one day! =)

Please take the time to watch this. It is hard at times, but also hopeful. It will help you understand how to pray more effectively for people who have suffered much. I'd love to hear your comments after you watch it as well.


Stephanie said...

Hey Brandi!
I love your blog. I know your siter through my sister Sarah at Northland. I was supposed to come to the apron party but did not have the address-mix up with junk mail on my email!! Anyhow, I would still LOVE to buy and apron. And Brittani said something about a playdate-that would be so much fun!!
God has give my husband and I hearts for Uganda through watching Invisible Children-I am sure you have seen it! But it rocked our world!! We have yet to get there for a trip but plan on it. We also want to adopt at some point in the future, so I would love to hear your story!
Email me any time!
God is glorified in all you are doing:)!
Stephanie Rex

Stephanie said...

ps-where do you guys go to church?

Sarah Smoker said...

thanks for the recommendation!! i just added it to my netflix queue.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like a great life changing movie!! Sounds like you may have another fundraiser idea!! Dinner and a movie with aprons at the end??

Kim said...

I loved it!I highly recommend it and a box of kleenexes. Anyone who is interested in Africa will enjoy it.

Amy said...

Are you wanting to go watch the competion or be in it?...cuz for a white girl, you can shake your booty!