Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Defend "the Orphan"

I just read Isaiah 1:17 in my time in God's word yesterday. He clearly states, "Learn to do right! Seek Justice. Encourage the Oppressed. Defend the orphan! Plead the case of the widow." It's time to defend the orphan. This week is the release of "The Orphan" the horror movie. . .instead of being those weird Christians who just protest everything. . let's stand up for something that is right. . let's defend and encourage at the same time. Take a moment to read what Tom Davis wrote yesterday. . .my post will be coming soon!

"I just finished a radio interview with my friend and and Executive Director of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Jedd Medefind. We were asked to appear on a radio program to discuss the release of the movie Orphan,which I blogged about on Friday (See: The True "Horror.").

I just received another call from a Moody station for another interview.

While in the middle of this interview, it became apparent to me that this is exactly the opportunity to defend the cause of the orphan. But instead of cursing the darkness, let's put the truth on display.

I want to challenge my readers and friends to write 500 positive blog posts about how an orphan has impacted and changed your life. Post this on your own blog so that when people search for the movie, they are flooded with positive messages about adoption and orphan care.

Just finish this sentence: "Warner Bros. new horror movie Orphan proclaims that it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own. Let me tell you about how an orphan changed my life..."

This is the heart of defending orphans. Help push back the darkness and deceit here by holding up as an example the powerful love that adoption and orphan care can unleash.

Here's how you can defend the orphan:

1. Write a "positive protest post" on your blog that references the movie, Orphan.
2. Focus on your orphan care or adoption story that is positive, redeeming, and full of love.
3. Link your post here via a trackback or comment.
4. Send out an e-mail, Facebook message, or tweet to get others to do the same on their blogs.

If you don't have a blog, post your store on the Christian Alliance for Orphans Site.

Make sure you link back or comment here so we can keep track of the 500 posts.

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Shonni said...

writing my own post right now...
we must defend these precious one with no voice!