Sunday, July 5, 2009

Faith that leaves a legacy and changes the world

Please pray for some family friends of ours, Jordan Stinziano and his family. I don't know them well, but Greg grew up with Jordan and especially his younger brother, Jamin (who was Greg's college room mate and went with us to Uganda). Jordan's dear wife, Maggie lost the battle with cancer this morning and went to be with Jesus. She leaves behind an adoring husband and 4 little ones. In the midst of this battle, Jordan and Maggie gave everything to the Lord, even leaving their well-loved church family in Naples to go home to Syracuse to plant a church and spread THE WORD. Spread the word they have. Their faith and trust through the storm has left a legacy that is more of a tidal wave then a ripple. Take a moment to not only pray for Jordan, the kiddos and their friends and family but to read a bit of Jordan's thoughts (go to "the rant") through the process. It will inspire and challenge you to greater faith.

Our sermon this morning was from Phil. 3:1-11 about knowing Christ. . .even in His sufferings. It is here in our sufferings that Christ is known and shown. Jordan and Maggie exemplified this kind of relationship. Continue to pray that those that they touched will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and those that loved her will grow closer to Jesus in the midst of the pain. That would make Maggie very happy. . .to know she was used. I'm sure she knows that now as she has heard "well done, my good and faithful servant" from the one she loved more than life itself.

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Anonymous said...

This just makes me weep!! I will be in prayer for this sweet family!! I am so glad Maggie is with her savior and out of pain!! Love, Christie