Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Thrilled. . .

Sometimes, I just stop to be thrilled. Well actually, it's thrilled, humbled, amazed, excited, overwhelmed and about 100 other adjectives. I can't believe some of the stuff that God is allowing ME to be a part of! Here He is the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE who did just fine creating the world and setting it in motion (and keeping it there too) and yet He still chooses to involve me.

Right now there are cool things on the horizon on almost every front. . .I can't wait to tell you all about it.

RLC is getting ready for our new launch of our improved website with a CRAZY contest for the entire month of October. . .a contest that will change the world. Do you have something that you could donate as a prize? We'll feature you on our site and in a TON of blogs. . and it will encourage people around the world to LIVE OUT what Jesus says about the Poor.

HopeMongers is getting ready to launch. . this amazing site created by a group of amazing people is going to transform micro-philanthropy (my new favorite word) and is going to get precious water to some precious people on my heart

HopeChest. . .man, what isn't cool about what they are doing? I heart HopeChest. We have 600 kids slated for new sponsorship in the next 2 months!!! Oh Jesus! Some of them will be through an online sponsorship community with RLC. . .want to partner with us to feed a seriously hungry child? Leave me a comment. . you can even take a group of 20-25 for your community group, neighborhood, or small church

5For50 is getting a facelift. . and I get to be a small part of the team! This is going to be seriously cool. Asking people all across the world to give just $5 a month. . which will be used for emergency food, water and education relief!!! Oh yeah. . and its going to have an entire event just for youthgroups!!!! Does your youth group want to be involved?

iFast58 is the amazing cool grassroots movement that I haven't even told you blog readers about yet. . .but it all started with a few of us learning about fasting. . and becoming quite obsessed with it. . .and now 50 of us are giving up our Wednesdays for prayer and fasting for the poor, hungry and oppressed throughout the world and meditating on Isaiah 58. . and we'll have a website soon!

Greg's trip is coming together for September in Uganda. . and mine is gearing up for February/March. I already have 4 churches interested! In fact, I think we are going to open up a trip to Swaziland too! It'll be either right before or right after my Uganda trip. Want to talk to your pastor about joining me in one of those countries?

Yeah. . .as you can tell, I'm floored. . .I'm humbled that God would choose to allow me to be a fly on the wall for ANY of these organizations much less friends with the wicked cool, smart people who are running these things. . .and yeah I think God is going to change the world through this stuff. . .draw people to Him. . feed the hungry. . .rescue the oppressed. . .and completely woo me in the process. My yesterday was spent largely in worship and I just get so overwhelmed! He is sooooo Good!!!


jena said...

Yes He is! Love you girl.

Amy said... got my adrenaline pumping with this post! :) It is SO exciting to see HIM moving in such tangible ways. And I agree...crazy that God chooses to to include us on this adventure. Life, even with its unknowns and complexities, is amazing when you do it with the God of the Universe! Thanks for the reminder this morning! Reminded of "The Desert Song" by Hillsong..."All of my life, in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing...I have a reason to worship!" Love you.

La Dolce Vita said...

Oh, how I love all these exciting things. I am praying to ask God to help me find a place to get involved with my time and talents. I'll be checking all of these out!

Kathy said...

Hi, I'm heading to Uganda Sept. 15 for three weeks, where I will be helping the little orphanage I started last year relocate to larger quarters. I will pick up something there that you can use as a prize, and send it to you when I get back. (I return October 8 - hope that's not too late.) I am very new to your site, and so I don't know a lot about what you are doing, but I have read enough to know that you love the Lord and are passionate about His command to us to help the orphans - so I'm in!

Andrea said...

Definitely exciting stuff!