Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update Video after sponsorship

This video is AWESOME!!! It's a church in Canada visiting their carepoint in Swaziland! Guys, this is the type of ministry YOUR CHURCH could have in Uganda (or Ethiopia, Swaziland or Russia). You guys could be the ones praying over children, planting gardens that will feed families and being changed in the process!

Please take the 2 minutes to watch. . you'll be inspired. Let it move you to PRAYER and to action! Maybe approach your church about being involved!!! Check out the post below this one for details on the Vision Trip!

Swaziland Update 2009 from Jesse Snipes on Vimeo.

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Global Orphan Outreach said...

thanks for sharing this video, brandi! i LOVED the fact that each child was prayed over/for. thank you for your heart and helping the children of uganda.
love ya,