Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tubing for the first time!

We were invited yesterday to spend the day with Shannon and her boys on the LAKE!!! What a fun, relaxing day. Yes, I said relaxing. . .even with 3 moms and 7 kids ages 5 and under! My kids have never been on a tube so they were LOVING it.

I always feel closer to the Lord when on the water. Just riding in the boat, watching the waves and feeling the wind on my face just makes me feel close to the Lord.

I haven't shared much here yet, but there are some changes coming up in my life. . .changes that will bring pain, I'm sure. While riding in the boat, I felt the Lord whisper so sweetly to my heart "As close as I feel now. . how you can feel my presence in this moment. . .I will be this close to you in the midst of the pain coming as well. Remember that" Isn't that precious? I LOVE HIM.

Gracie and I getting ready to go tubing for the first time
This is my "this is my office for today" picture
Gracie loved it!
Sam and Autumn
Trent (Shannon's oldest)
Davis didn't want to go tubing, but he sure did love driving the boat with Ms Shannon
Brayden and Aiden
He LOVED this!!!
Gavin wasn't happy. . but man he's cute!
Aiden had NO fear. . he'd just jump right into the water. . or even out of the tube!

Thanks girls for a wonderful day! What a joy to spend the morning with some of my favorite girls and their kiddos in such a fun way!

PSS I still have 14 kids left who need sponsors!!! Are you willing to make a $34 / month sacrifice to give a child in Swaziland life? Email me at for more info!


drea said...

Brandi, thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful kids. What a great day I am sure.

Laurie said...

I was at your Aprons for Africa last night and bought a necklace. I've paid the $10 through PayPal with my hubby's name, "John Copeland".

Thanks for all you are doing!! You and your sister and mother are inspiring!!!
Laurie Copeland

Brittani said...

cute pics! B-RAY is looking so grown up! I love the pics of him tubing... what a brave boy :)