Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For those of you who read about iFast58 or may want to join us. . .we are now posting prayer requests on Tuesday nights at www.iFast58.org But, I'm posting it here too! Just in case you'd like to join us. . or just pray through some of these requests!

Thanks for joining us again this week for iFast58! We are so glad to join together people from all across the country in a day of prayer and fasting for the poor, hungry and oppressed through the world and those who serve them.

Sorry, my challenge for today isn't super deep or profound. . but it's what I'm learning. I am sick this week with a horrible case of Tonsilitis (my dr says I have the worst throat he's seen all summer. . yay me! :-) So, today as my heart turns towards complaining and grumbling I want instead to turn my thoughts towards praise. One of the things that has happened for me as the Lord has broken my heart for the poor across the world is that I have also been given a much needed dose of perspective.

So, today as I laid on the table at the doctor's office curled up in a ball wanting to complain, instead I texted a friend of mine. . .I choose to be thankful for clean water to pour down my sore throat. Access to good medical care. Multiple rooms in my house to send my children to. . .etc.

That's my challenge for you today as it will be a HUGE challenge for me tomorrow! Look around at your life. . at what challenges you may face and choose to be thankful. Choose to see what things you can find to be thankful for and to remember those who may not have those luxuries. I choose this week to pray specifically for those who are sick and can't go to the doctor and for moms across the world who still have to parent while feeling the effects of a sickness.

Remember also to spend time FEASTING on His word! I encourage you to "tweet" or Facebook those little nuggets of truth so that others will be encouraged to seek His word as well!

Thankful to join you guys in prayer tomorrow. If you are able to join us tomorrow on the conference call time of prayer, we have a beautiful time of prayer together that is just priceless. Call in at 9:30 am Eastern Time to 605-990-0111

Password: 433537#

Prayer Requests for Today:


1. Pray for in-country staff: Peter Abera - Ethiopia; Jumbo and Kriek
Gerber - Swaziland; Joseph Elotu - Uganda; Masha & Katya - Russia
2. Pray for our volunteers
3. Pray for the Ethiopian trip in November
4. Pray for 5for50
5. Launch for Guatamala & India
6. For good stewardship for the whole organization


Doma's first trip to Ukraine leave Thursday. Pray for doors to be open to team of 10 as we visit baby houses, orphanages, and maternity wards in Kiev and Donetsk, distributing aid, building relationships, and getting video footage to tell the story of orphaned children in Eastern Europe.

Lemonade Int'l:

1. For the church planting process in La Limonada: pray for pastors ("Shorty" & Gerardo) who are in a five month process of building relationships in the community with the intention of planting a "worshiping missional community" in partnership with the schools in La Limonada; pray for wisdom and sensitivity to God's direction.
2. For Tita Evertsz and the team of teachers at the two schools in La Limonada: pray that they will sense and know that God is with them and that His people are carrying the burden of the work they are doing together with them.
3. For physical strength, health and peace for Leah (one of our full time missionaries serving in La Limonada).
4. Financial provision for our Guatemala programs (specifically school renovation project) and our Admin support in the US.

We may have additional requests added as Wednesday goes on. If you represent one of these organizations, I encourage you to go directly to the www.iFast58.org site. You'll have to create a HopeMongers Acct and then, when you click on "REQUESTS" on the right hand side of the iFast site you'll see an "edit" choice and you can add your organizations requests directly to the wiki there.

Please check the site as the day goes on! Happy iFasting!

I hope to see you on the weekly prayer call tomorrow at 9:30.


Beautiful Mess said...

THANK YOU for ifast58 it is the highlight of my week!

Betsy said...

Thanks Brandi!!
I soo needed to hear that I've been sick since Monday with the flu and today took Bella to the Dr and she has it!! So yucky but I am thankful and needed my attitude adjusted! Love ya and thanks for the encouragement!