Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uganda Day 2

Uganda Day2

Wow full day, that was really great! Morning started out the guest house in Kampala, I was up very early (I even beat the cooks to the kitchen). I guess when you combine a short bed and poor sleep habits you don’t get to sleep. Oh well, life goes on.

We headed to the bank to change money, didn’t get as great a rate as the dollar has decreased in value since May…we got 1963UGS to $1USD which by the way when you are changing close to $10k is a lot of was (and is) a bit disconcerting carrying around ~18,000,000 UGS. I feel like I’m loaded! Maybe I’ll pour the money out on the bed and roll around in it. I’ve always wanted to do that J

We went to Rapha which was great, it really felt like we were going home, as Tom Davis said Rapha is a part of Westwood Church. It was great to see Arthur, he sends his greetings to Westwood Church and Pastor Jon.

As many of you know Rapha is the community that our church sponsors and in addition to being a foster care/orphanage they are also a school. They serve approximately 200 additional children above and beyond the 50 sponsored by Westwood. During Brandi’s visit in May we were able to build a kitchen for Rapha and additionally we raised funds to feed the ~200 kids lunch for an entire semester. Well the funds have run out and the food Is nearly gone so as a group we decided to buy posha and beans for all the children for the next 40 days. They were so excited and it really is an amazing thing that God allows us to bless others in this way. Know that the financial sacrifice that you made is feeding people….beautiful children born into poverty, without a hope and future, and you get to be God’s hands and feet .

From there we went Katie’s and were able just to hang out with her and her girls. She is well but is recovering from Typhoid. She is such a neat girl and truly has a heart and passion for the people of Uganda…she shared her story with the group which was first time that many of our team heard it. She is such a blessing to me and a challenge as I consider the blessings that I have been given and the way I try so desperately to hold on to the things that really don’t matter.

I have enjoyed the last two days but I know that the sites that are ahead of us will be much more difficult and I look forward to seeing the way that God will use us.

For Brandi, I wish you were here, I know that it is a struggle for you not to and I love that about you. I love you very much!


Wendi said...

thanks Greg for the updates via makes all of us back here in the contiguous 48 feel included...copying this for the HopeMongers blog, so those following there will have something to read :)

Kim said...

Thanks for taking time at the end of a very full day to include all of us who are stuck behind :) The highlight of my day is reading about yours!

Julie Redman said...

Loving the updates, guys! Keep them coming.