Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last weekend was a whirlwind trip to freezing Fargo!!! It was a wonderful weekend, that unfortunately we did NOT capture in photos! Seriously? What's my problem lately?!

Lindsey E and Rachel A hosted the weekend. What sweet girls. They are most certainly WarriorGirls :-) In fact, after experiencing their single digit temps, I've named them our "Arctic Warriors" These girls have such a passion for the Lord and for orphans that it was such a precious opportunity to just spend time with them. We saw over $3700 raised this weekend for the kitchen at Bukedea and saw approx. 20 kids sponsored!

Please continue to pray for the Fargo community as they raise up sponsors for Bukedea!!! It was so fun to see a site that I've been to get sponsored. In fact, you just HAVE to read Ria's blog about our party at her studio. You guys remember Ria as my amazing photographer friend who came with us to Uganda in May. Well....we found her a child to sponsor...and you'll never guess who it is! Go to Ria's blog for the details!

We also got the chance to spend time with David and Theresa Held. They are an amazing couple who are advocates for Kolfe in Ethiopia! They have sweet hearts for Ethiopia and have an adorable little girl, Maya, from there. They also passed court on their next little one while we were there! So fun to be able to celebrate with them!

How cute is Maya in our beads? LOVE it!!!
We were fast buddies...which I'm pretty sure has a lot to do with me being the one saying that she could put on as many necklaces as she wanted to!

Here's part of the gang! from left to right: Rachel (the sweetest most gentle warriorgirl yet), Lindsey (maybe the spunkiest warrior girl :-), me, Vince (the WarriorGirl bodyguard :-), Theresa and David! Missing from this photo are Ria and my awesome blogger friend, Laura, who drove up just to come to the party!!! Ria took a sweet pic of the 3 of us...guess you'll have to go to her blog to see it :-)


Sarah and Davis said...

I always love seeing what you are up to, Brandi. Sounds like another fun and successful trip! Go girl!

I recently got a blog award from another blogger and was told to highlight 7 other blogs I liked. I picked yours as one of them - no surprise!


Jackie Sue said...

ok so the little girl...ADORABLE! Glad you had a great trip. No surprise there :)