Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey iFasters,

Vince Giordano from HopeChest has asked to write the note for today's email... I LOVE his encouragement to prayerfully invite others to join. For me, this has been a tricky thing. It's hard to invite others or to even put it out there on your blog or FB b/c of the encouragement in scripture to not talk about it when you fast. I think this comes down to your heart...can I invite others to join by simply sharing what I'm learning? I believe that if I do it in that manner then sharing and inviting others to join us before the throne is a great privilege and they will be blessed by it like we are. Thanks for joining us each week...and thanks, Vince, for helping lead this cause and for this note of encouragement.

I want to thank you all for your participation in the effort. It has been a great journey for the last several months to watch how God has grown our group and those who are participating. As we enter this important time of the year for both our ministries and the people who are served by them, I would like to challenge all of you to reach out to your friends, family, social networks and more and try to get as many people on board as possible. Let's try to grow iFast to 1000 participants by the end of January. I know we can do it and I believe in each of you. It has been a tremendous blessing to pray and fast and grow with each of you and I look forward to extending His kingdom of grace and love with you on behalf of the least of these...God bless

Now for our prayer requests for this week:
Tom Davis~ Erica Reed and her newly adopted daugther from Ethiopia headed back to the States this past weekend. Less than a day home, the Reeds discovered that their daughter has viral cardiomyopathy.

Maura Rohama was one of the infants who received formula from our Ethiopia Formula Drive at HopeChest.

Originally the Reeds were referred to Julianna Ashure...who died from complications related to diahrrea before they were able to finalize the adoption this summer. Now, Maura is sick, and on the 6th floor of the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital tonight.

Please pray for miraculous healing for this sweet child's little heart.


1. We have multiple volunteer led fundraisers for our Christmas Campaign over the next few weeks. Pray for favor, kids sponsored, and funds raised, so our kids can have meat more than once-per-month.

2. Discernment: We're debating on what to do with our longterm vision in Cairo, Egypt. We have a team heading that way next year. We need discernment when it comes to orphan care in Muslim communities.
3. Pray for stateside monthly and one-time supporters.
4. Pray for strength for me (Chris). I'm starting to feel the immense weight of pioneering a non-profit, and working with orphans. We have so many passion and needs and I also know that they're are spiritual attacks that are real and eminent.

1. Continued challenges in Russia (including the fact that they have quarantined our children at the orphanages in Ryzan making travel difficult)
2. We have a vision trip on the ground in Ethiopia (a woman on the trip has the flu)
3. Praying for our country leadership in Russia, Swazi, Uganda and Ethiopia
4. For Bosco as he is getting treated for his leg injury
5. For the launch of Bukedea Village in Uganda in Fargo this weekend. Pray for all of the children to have sponsors or advocates this week. Pray also for money to be raised to support this community. Pray for Lindsey E, Rachel and Ria who are putting on this launch weekend.

Remember the Poor:
The prayer that consumes us the most is for the church in America--for revival and awakening. We know when the church does what is designed to do, immeasurable joy will be ours and theirs as needs are met in abundance. So we are praying with all of you to our great God--that He would pour out His Spirit on us. We know the weapons of our warfare (prayer, speaking/teaching God's Word) have divine power to destroy strongholds, to destroy lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God, and to take every thought captive to obey Christ. (2 Cor 10) We are asking God to destroy strongholds in this nation and in our lives and to take every single thought captive to obey Him.
Orphan Relief and Rescue - Liberia
It's a busy two weeks for us, as our VP is here in Liberia and we're facing some tough decisions. In addition to the orphanages that we work with, whom we love and trust, there are dozens of orphanages that we've done assessments at, tried to work with, etc., where they simply need to be shut down. Abuse, neglect, rape, exploitation -- many of these directors have no business taking care of children, and solving these problems on "Africa time" is notacceptable where children's safety and growth and well-being are concerned.
Please pray for wisdom and favor as we petition the government and other partners to work with us to close those down and find safe havens for all those children. And also for those situations that aren't so clear-cut, for discernment as to how to move forward.
On behalf of the whole team, and the children you lift up by name, thank you -- your prayers are working.

Lemonade International

In conjunction with the Guatemala public school calendar, our schools in La Limonada will be closed for the month of December. During this time, please pray:
  • For our team in Guatemala as they prepare for a new school year in January with more children than ever.
  • Many of our team members will be traveling to visit family this month so please pray they will have a restful, relaxing and refreshing time with family and friends.
  • For the children and families of La Limonada that this will be a time when they learn to trust in God and realize that it is He that is doing the work in their lives.... while at the same time may they grow in their appreciation of the beauty of the relationships that exist with them and the teachers and staff at the schools.
  • For the plans and preparations for our first vocational training program for older students - a carpentry workshop at Escuelita Mandarina
  • For the provision of shoes, backpacks, school supplies, scholarships and bonuses for teachers through our "Gifts Of Hope" Christmas Fundraising Program.
Global Orphan Outreach
Christina has a very important meeting with the MOH of Liberia tomorrow and advocating for special needs child. Pray God goes before her and Softens the heart of Liberian authorities to work more cooperatively with her and the forget me not program there.
God has contined to bless the work there Thus far. Go to
Pray for the kids posted there who also need medical intervention. Thank-you.

Thanks for praying with us! Love you guys! See you in the throne room :-)

Would LOVE for more of you to join us on our conference call prayer time. I am blown away every time! Wednesday 9:30 AM at CALL IN #: 760-569-9000 ID: 968101#



Jude said...

got this from Jena today too... looking forward to Wednesdays!! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Wednesday's are my favorite! and yeah! Jude is joining us :)

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