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I sat down to write my iFast challenge....all prepared to talk about Psalm 9 (which I LOVED today) and praying the scriptures for the poor and needy. Then, instead, I spent my evening with the Lord doing some work in my heart and life. Then, I thought...oooh I'll share what I'm learning. But, the truth's not really a finished work in any shape or form. So, here's my brilliant challenge for today. Ready for it?

Go to Him. He desires to take you deeper, to lead you higher and to change your heart in the process. Just go to Him and make your heart available. He loves you just that much that He wants to live in a seriously deep relationship that's always touching new vistas. (yep, more mountain imagery...I am SO not tired of that view of Pike's Peak that I get from my own home and from every drive I make :-)


Remember the Poor
Praying that God will come and purify his bride, that he would cleanse us with His word, so that we would be without stain, wrinkle or blemish, that we would be holy and blameless as we stand before Him. Asking God not to leave us, the western church, in our apathy and complacency, and inviting Him to come and deal powerfully with us, so that the truth of the whole gospel is known, preached and practiced throughout this nation.

Orphan Relief and Rescue:
These are repeats, but still much needed-
Michael- He is still taking treatment for his liver disease. No improvement yet, but the doctor is hopeful that he will respond to treatment in time. He also needs a new living situation, somewhere he can still be near to his school and the doctor.
Korpu- She is still fighting malaria but has gained a 1/4lb in the last month (not a lot, but heading the right direction). We are still seeking foster placement for her but have had some difficulties coordinating it. I would love to see a breakthrough for her this week.
Gifty- Still recovering from her liver transplant and brain surgeries. She is making small steps of improvement each day, but has a long way to go.
We still need our organization's accreditation from the Liberian government. This process started a year ago and the certificate is sitting on the Minister's desk waiting to be signed. Without this we can not register our new vehicles, pay our employees taxes or do many other things necessary for running an NGO in Liberia.

Global Orphan Outreach:
Global is working on taking on some Liberian churches here in the states for partnership in the work we are doing in Liberia. We are hoping for good direction as well as God lead connections to those individual churches here who see the need to not stand by but actually become involved in their own country and their people. We would like them to be the answer and we assist not the other way around

ABBA Fund Prayer requests:
- Jason is moving across the country as we fast today! Pray for he and his family!

Children's HopeChest:
1. Uganda and Ethiopia NGO status
2. Launches for Kaberamaido (this weekend) and Adecar (end of Jan) in Uganda
3. Nigist Tefera - An orphan at Moses Children's Hope who fell and suffered brain injury and is in need of surgery - we are praying for US doctor to be in Ethiopia to evaluate her situation
4. Swazi vision trip in February
5. The launch of our new website
6. Praying for the 147 Million orphans in the world and the children susceptible to the sex trade.

From Sandra Carmichael, a leader of a Swazi Online sponsorship group in Children's HopeChest
Prayer Request for Mangwaneni Manzini
So far at our carepoint, 172 children have been profiled. 58 are officially sponsored, and I believe we have 11-12 more who have unofficially committed sponsors, so that leaves 102-3 of the currently profiled children still waiting for a sponsor.

A sponsor is a life-line for the children beyond basic needs. Many of these children are orphaned and those that aren't, could be at any day due the ravages of Hiv/Aids on the country of Swaziland. A sponsor is a source of encouragement and provides a valuable role-model to a child that helps them grow into the kind of person God intends for them to be. Half of the country is under that age of 15, so the need for God-honoring role-models is great.

The Beveni Carepoint was once fully-sponsored. Then there appeared around 30 kids who regularly made their way to the carepoint for food. Of those 30, only 10 boys remain unsponsored. Their names are: Nhlanhla, Ntokozo, Thabiso, Thapelo, Bongani, Siza, Ciniso, Siphetfo, Philani, and Meluleki.

As you pray tomorrow that God will send sponsors for the 102 or 103 children at Mangwaneni, will you also request the same for the 10 boys at Beveni?

You don't have to tell me you are praying. This is completely between each of us and our Heavenly Father. He knows each child deeply, and He knows each of the sponsors deeply who He wants in relationship with each child.

So tomorrow, I request your company at any time of the day, wherever you are, to pray for sponsors for each and every child at Mangwaneni and Beveni.

Thank you so very much. It is an honor and privledge to pray with you.

Lemonade International:
1. Pray for Kerry Smith, Dan Hoffman and April Butler who are all attending language school in Antigua, Guatemala and who will be arriving in Guatemala City over the next month to serve in La Limonada.

2. Back To School - please pray for our 34 teachers and workers and about 350 students at our two schools in La Limonada as they are in the first full week of the new school year.

3. Pray for our team in Guatemala as they have to make some difficult decisions that will affect the enrollment of the oldest students at one of the schools (12-14 year olds). They need God's wisdom as they seek what is best for the students, the teachers and the learning environment at the school

4. Pray for our transition into our newly rented "Intern House" in Guatemala - where as many as 6 interns will be living by the spring and where our teams who travel to Guatemala will stay while in the country to serve in La Limonada. Pray for our team member, Donnie, who will be overseeing the house and all the interns.

5. Pray for a medical/dental team of 11 from the Allentown, PA area who will be serving in La Limonada from this Saturday through the following Saturday.

1. Important meeting next Monday with a large church. Seeking funding and partnership to launch a Global Leadership Program in 2011.
2. Speaking about Gospel Justice in Philly next Sunday (24th). Pray kids get sponsored, and lives are changed and challenged.
3. We are really in need of some immediate funds to cover some key operations needs for HELP. We really want to implement some idea's, but need cash to do it. I'm praying for a miraculous donation :-)
4. Pray for wisdom, and strength, the next 4 weeks are slammed w/ travel and some amazing possibilities.
5. Pray for interns. We are seeking 2-3 interns to work w/ HELP part-time or full-time by this summer.
6. Pray for an unnamed donor, who may support HELP monthly. It's a rather large sum.

Thanks again for praying and loving the global poor!

Liberia Education Project
Thank God for His provision of resources: we shipped 10 bicycles to
Liberia for the teachers to use as means of transportation. These bikes
will enable them get to the school on time from the various villages. A
new volunteer joined our team recently and he is so excited to serve the
Lord, please pray for him.

Please add these prayer requests from the Liberia Education project:

1. Volunteers:
- We need volunteers to work with the project in area (s) they feel
God's call to make a difference in the lives of the children and
adults in the villages and communities in Liberia. All areas of
expertise are greatly needed.

2. Jacob Madehdou's trip to the project site in Bong County, Liberia:
- he is making a trip from Febuary 4 - March 15, 2010, please pray for
God's provision and resources.
-We are planning to conduct a 2 day camp for about 100 plus children
at the project site. This will be the first camp experience for
children in these villages.
- all the other works to be done during his trip there,
- the work that is presently being done at the project site

3. Funding for the programs of the Liberia Education Project:
- Construction of the school campus
-Water and Sanitation
- Agriculture program to help substain the school and the community

Caroline's Promise
Wisdom and direction for Director, Lisa Holbrook and husband, David. Personal request: there is a potential buyer for commercial real estate that we own. The sell of this property would open the doors for a new career for David
South Carolina Director, Martha Marie Smith and her husband Eddie are in the process of adopting a child from foster care. Please pray for favor with the courts.
Praise for God's financial provision through end of year giving!
Request for God's hand in our upcoming mission trips to Guyana and Guatemala.

Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed! Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101#


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