Monday, February 1, 2010

Shirts for a Valentine to an Ethiopian Orphan

True Love....thinks of others.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by getting an adorable gift and making a difference at the same time!!! (note: I would also like these shirts for my bday on Tuesday...hint, hint. Or, I bet others with bdays this month would love them too!!!)


Be My Valentine

This is what we are calling....SHIRTS FOR SHOES!!!

For every purchase of one of these adorable shirts, an orphan in Ethiopia will receive a new pair of shoes and a shirt! Many of the kids who come to our drop in centers in Ethiopa, do so with no or horribly torn shoes. They are walking for miles like this. We can make a difference. Don't you love shopping that counts???

Check out the cute shirts and click the above badge or go to www.MyCrazyAdoption.Com for more info and to buy your shirt TODAY!!!!

HopeChest Design B: YOUTH sizes- color black

Design A Front

Design A Back

HopeChest Design A: Women’s link for size chart.
HopeChest Design A: Women’s Slim T

Design B Front

Design B Back

HopeChest Design B: Men & Women

HopeChest Design B: Men & Women

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