Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hinds Feet on High Places

Hinds Feet on High Places is an age old Christian classic. I remember reading it when I was a teenager and loving it. I was recently encouraged to pick it up again.

Oh sweet Jesus has certainly met me in these pages.

If you feel like this time of your life is a journey to deeper, higher places with the Lord...places that you'll be so glad to get to but seem overwhelming and sometimes dark right now.....


It is about a little girl, Much-Afraid and how the chief Shepherd takes her from her home in the Valley of Humiliation to the high places in the Kingdom of Love. It may sound cheesey, but it's not. Every page is amazing. She uses allegory in such a beautiful way to remind us of sweet kingdom promises.

Sooooo, if you hear me use crazy analogies and talk about "holding the Shepherd's hand tighter" or "walking through the forest" well, you know now where they came from!

I'm so thankful for a sweet shepherd who holds my hand the whole way, thankful that He is taking me to higher places with Him and thankful for the promises He gives me along the way.

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