Friday, April 16, 2010

Sucker for Little Girls

It's true - I'm a sucker for little girls. I love how they dress up as princesses and spin around. I love how they want lipstick and nailpolish. I love their sweet innocence. And not just my own daughter. Gracie is certainly my sweet princess - but over the years, I've acquired some other princesses too :-)

Here are just a few of "my girls". Ok, some of them belong to friends of mine...I'll admit that :-)

I adore these girls. ADORE them. If they needed me for ANY reason, I'd be there. Even if for a lot of them, it would mean jumping on a place to get there.

Unfortunately there are some really bad men in the world who are suckers for little girls too. I have been learning more and more about the global sex trade. It is simply breaking my heart

Girls across the world as young as my little Gracie are being abducted and used as sex slaves. I can't fathom it. I can't stop crying. I want to stop researching. I don't want to think of 7 year old girls offered up as virgins to whoever will pay the price. But, I can't look away any longer.

A little girl is being prepared for sexual exploitation every 2 minutes.

2 little girls are sold every minute into slavery.

Girls just like these precious ones. Look into my sweet girls faces. What would you do if I told you these little girls were being forced to "service" a man up to 40 times a day. Yes, these girls are raped up to 40 times a day.

We can't look away. Please, look into my daughter's eyes. Better yet, go look into the eyes of YOUR daughter. For her sake, for the sake of little girls just like her, don't look away.

For a long time I did nothing with this issue. I knew it was out there, but I didn't know what I could do so I didn't take steps to learn more.

Now, I know WE can make a difference. We can literally save a girl from a life of forced prostitution. Are you in?

1- You can help support a girl who's been rescued and is in need of healing. My "WarriorGirls" and I are going together to do this. It's $400 a month. I know, hefty. But worth it to see a precious one healed from these horrific wounds. With 16 people going in together, it's only $25 / month. Or better put...just a tad more than the cost of ChickFilA for my family. (you can learn more by clicking on the "Support Moldova" badge above.

2. Learn more. Check out and click LEARN. It was amazingly eye opening for me. To make it even more personal, read Tom's blog. He is on his way back from Moldova and Russia right now. He has amazing stories to share, stories of hope. One girl who was minutes away from being trafficked and had already been horrifically locked up and forced to work in a strip club ended up RUNNING to HopeChest's Ministry Center to receive help! Now, she's free and being discipled and loved!

3. Shop for Mother's Day! Yes, something as simple as your Mother's Day gift can save the life of a girl!!!! HopeChest is partnering is my friend's new amazing site called AdoptionFathers to offer gorgeous necklaces. We are calling it "Break the Chains". The necklaces are $78 and made by the amazing JunkPosse (handmade in Colorado). If that's more than you'd normally spend, maybe you can go together with your siblings? Click HERE to buy one! Read THIS man's story about his Mother's Day purchases.Love Goes Around Children's Hope Chest Mother's Day Fundraiser

Isaiah 58:6 says that true fasting is THIS "To loose the chains of set the oppressed free". What are you doing currently that sets the oppressed free? That's the question I've been asking myself and I came up empty. I want to change that. I want my legacy to be that of an abolitionist - to set the oppressed free!


Amy said...

Looking at these pictures, I think "what I wouldn't do if it was one of these girls, one of these sweet girls that I know? ...and what I wouldn't do if it was Julia or onw of my boys?"
I wouldn't sleep, I wouldn't eat, I wouldn't stop praying and searching until I found and rescued them.
But, why not the same passion for the girls that I don't "know"?
Why do I find sending a few dollars enough to help?
After all, those little girls that are getting raped 40 times a day are MY girls. They are definetly God's girls!
I will see them in heaven one in the arms of Jesus. And I wonder, what will I say to them?

Kelly said...

Oh Bran! This issue is so hard! I feel disgusted and sad. Thank you for your challenge. I'm going to start praying about this.....I don't know if thats enough, but its a start!

vincegiordano said...

really powerful message...attaching pics of the little girls really drives the message home. i love it.