Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gotta be done by Thursday!

It's true what they say, you can't meet every need.

But we've seen that when it becomes personal - when we see their faces and know their stories....all of a sudden, we CAN meet the needs! (or at least do our part!)

So, I want to introduce you to a few precious children.

Aren't they PRECIOUS??

Let me just tell you about one - here is how Sanju is described (she is on the far left)

"Sanjna goes by Sanju and is the younger sister of Vickey. Known by many as the “resident Picasso,” her unique artistic style is evident in her drawings and clothing combinations. She loves her older brother, as shown by her tears when he is hurting and her love for having him by her side. Sanju has delicate features, and her eyes reveal a beautiful and free spirit, perhaps trying to forget early memories of life in a brothel. Her mother occasionally visits, but it seems to be difficult and cause confusion to little Sanju as she tries to balance the love and desire for her mother with the innocent joy of being a child."

Many of you have been following the HopeChest trip to India that my friends are on. Their stories have been heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. I have been completely blessed to lead the prayer movement for this trip (a WHOLE other post about what He is
teaching me!). Through their words and pictures, I have fallen in love with a whole new country! I'm sure you have too.

As I've heard the heart wrenching stories of the chains of injustice that bind so many, I've simply wanted to DO SOMETHING!

HopeChest is actively looking for communities that want to partner with either individual classes or whole grades at the Friends of the Good Samaritan School. (contact me if you want to get involved in this way!)

They are also looking at partnering with the most amazing place. It's called Asha Ministries. It was started by Pastor Babu who now lives in Ft. Meyers and serves as a pastor. His wife is a nurse
and they live on her salary and then send most of it back to India to care for the sweetest of children. They have started, with Saji Abraham and his wife Grace, a home for 28 children. Most of these children come from a very rural part of India that is extremely poor. Others of the children come from the brothels. Their mothers work in the brothels and until they came to
live at Asha Ministries, they too lived in the brothel. Their mothers approach Saji Abraham as well Saji Phillip (who runs a ministry in the brothels) and ask that they take their children and please give them a better life.

Asha has provided a home and Saji Abraham and Grace provide the sweet love of a Mama and Papa. These children have endured so much just getting to this point, that the love and care of Saji Abraham and Grace is a healing love that reveals the Father's heart.

The team that visited, and saw Saji Abraham and Saji Phillip in action were blown away. They
watched them minister both in the brothels and in the orphanage and truly saw Jesus in action.

They immediately wanted to get involved, so when they heard that these children had an urgent need - they jumped on the opportunity and called us!

So, here it is - 12 children in their care need to start school on Thursday. THIS THURSDAY! But they don't have the school fees. Will you help????

School is $407 per child (includes tuition, uniform and supplies) x 12 kids = $4884
Click HERE to give
(please put "india school" in the notes section)

We can do that, right? If enough of us post on this, if enough of us give, then $4884 in 2 days is NOTHING!!!

As soon as I heard about the need, my thoughts went back to Uganda. To meeting the sweetest woman who was caring for HIV+ children - when we asked her if she had financial need her response was "No, and it is amazing. The Lord knows that I could not bear up under that. The work itself is such a burden"

What a joy it is to take just one simple burden off of the backs of these amazing people who do ministry that most of us can't (or won't) do. I can only imagine the burden of working day after day in the red light district of Delhi, a city that is 2.5% Christian. It is the least I can do to support these amazing men and women and the precious children that they serve by giving up some of bounty that I experience.

Will you join me? Any size gift helps. Will you choose to ditch your Chick Fil A, your starbucks or even your brand new iPhone so that these children can go to school? Will you go a step further and help us spread the word? The need is here, it is urgent and we CAN do something!

Click HERE to give
(please put "india school" in the notes section)
**I will try to get a paypal link up asap as I know that's easier!


Jessica Smith said...

Hey Brandi,

Ahh...I just love your heart and your passion! You are such a beautiful and bright shining light in the Kingdom!

I will help spread the word about the needs and the HOPE that is coming to India!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that the Warrior Girls have taken this project on. These kids are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that the Warrior Girls have taken this project on. These kids are amazing.