Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh the JOY!

Oh the joy.....

I was on our iFast call this morning with Melanie Dale and we were interceding for these precious Indian children. As I was praying, I was overwhelmed to the point of tears.

All I could think of was Sanju
She was born into a brothel. Her life would almost definitely have been a life of chains. With her beauty, I can hardly stomach the thought of how young she would have been forced into a life of sexual slavery.

And yet, the Lord plucked her out and is breaking the chains of her injustice. He used Saji Phillip and Saji Abraham and the Asha Home to redeem and restore what was broken. He took what the enemy had planned as a life of horror and is bringing joy and redemption. He broke and is continuing to break what is most likely YEARS and years of oppression.

And, in that amazing beauty - He has given US the chance to be a part of her story. US! Can you believe that?

That completely overwhelms me. That He would use me to play a small part of the story of loosing the chains of injustice for a little girl who's worth is beyond description to Him.

Wow - if you have been a part of this miracle - my prayer is that you would feel the joy. That it wouldn't have been just a check you wrote or a donation you gave - but an encounter with the God of the Universe - joining Him in His mighty work! Stand in awe people!!!

If you still haven't given - there is still time! We only need $535 more to send all 12 children to school!!! that's 535 more opportunities for people to be involved in loosing the chains of injustice with children who are worth the world to our Savior. Do you want to be a part of their miracle today?

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