Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treasure Hunting

So often when I put out fund raising requests I get overwhelmed....what if no one gives? What if they are tired of me talking about it? What if I've asked, one too many times? This was the case this week. I mean, come on, $8,000 is a lot of money. a LOT of money. Truth is, I was worried. But I kept reminding myself and others that "God scattered abroad His gifts to the Poor" (Psalm 112:9)

I'm not fundraising. I'm not begging and pleading and scraping money together. I'm just looking. Treasure Hunting if you will... for where HE has placed HIS gifts to these girls. And then, giving these people the privilege and opportunity to give. You know - I've never regretted giving. I certainly don't miss the bday presents or anniversary presents I gave up this year. I know my Brayden doesn't miss the gifts he gave up on his birthday so that kids in Africa could eat. I have, however, regretted NOT giving. I saw a need, meant to give, but just got busy. I missed out on an opportunity to be a part of a miracle. I truly believe this is the greatest gift He gives us. The opportunity to be a part of HIS love letter to those He finds precious.

Well guess what? I got a call this afternoon from a precious friend. She's a blog friend who I've never actually met in person but have spent hours with on the phone. She actually left me a message that went something like this: "I just read your blog and my husband and I would like to give. Call me back and let me know if paypal or a check would work best. Looks like you need $7300 - so we'd like to give that amount." I dropped the phone and jumped around screaming. You should see me do my happy dance...It's quite lovely. (ok, maybe not). I called her back and told her our need right now is actually only $6500 and she said she'd send the check right now. And you know what? She was THRILLED. We were both practically in tears on the phone, so very thankful that the Lord allows us to be a part of this. She was SO excited to give and be a part of the rescue of these girls.

I hung up the phone and did a LOT more dancing and jumping and screaming. HE DID IT!!! AGAIN!!! Blew me away one more time. Not only do we have the funds needed to pull off a rescue, but we have the funds to provide a Christian counselor for these girls for a whole YEAR!

AND, the money is still coming in. People across the country have said - "we want to give. These girls are worth more than our comfort, our stuff." Girls in Kansas are having a huge garage sale. (Details on Tom's blog) Lindsey is selling her coach purse (go HERE to win a chance!). I'd LOVE to sell anything you want of mine...leave me a comment :-) We are over $500 PAST our goal and will be funding the NEXT rescue! KEEP giving!!! Our goal is to match our sweet friends' $6500 and have 2 rescues funded by Monday night! Will you join us? Will you give up some of your comfort so a little girl can be rescued? Will you give up lunch out on Sunday afternoon? Will you sell something? Offer to trade babysitting with a friend and send the money instead? I PROMISE you won't regret it. I can not fully explain the joy it is to be a part of HIS rescue of the oppressed.
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Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news and I am proud to be a part of this rescue and a part of HopeChest. This is making a big difference in an amazing way. Thank you for your passion Brandi.

Amy said...

Bran...thank you for being obedient even when you question if anyone will even listen. This just further cements the fact that God LOVES it when His people choose to engage in the things He cares so much about. He is blessing this and I won't be one bit surprised when Monday night rolls around and the money is in for two rescues. I love our God and I sure do you love you too. :)

One Crazy Mom said...

i love your heart. thanks for continuing to inspire me to do something.

One Crazy Mom said...

I also wanted to add, that the timing of this is perfect. After 6 weeks in Costa Rica I have come to appreciate the simple life. I am more than ready to unload some of my "stuff". Not sure it's worth much, but every dollar counts I suppose. The challenge is doing this without craigslist!!!! ARe you still boycotting craigslist? Did anything ever come out of that?

Elizabeth said...

AMAZING!!! I need to 'hook up' with you soon.

Brandi said...

One Crazy Mom - Your blogger account doesn't show me your blog! Do you have one?

and yes, still boycotting craigslist! :-)

I'm looking at doing an ebay site that anyone can post things to sell on! Also, FB has a "marketplace" I've heard. A group of girls in KS is doing a garage sale!

Elizabeth - same thing - no info in your blogger profile. Yes, let's hook up. My email is

Thanks for getting behind this girls! Can't wait to see how He can use our STUFF to change lives!


Unknown said...

Honored to be hunting with you! Whether it is through a closet for a treasure or refusing to stop screaming until someone hears us! thank you Father for friends in this fight. While you are all I need it is WAY fun to have such cool friends

Tom Davis said...

To think that girls are being rescued tomorrow or the next because of what we've done collectively is AMAZING! They will be ushered out of hell into a place where there is love, kindness, and the rich presence of God along with people who truly care for them. What a joy!

Created For His Glory said...


It reminds me of this word by Ruth Grigg which I read all the time regarding our own treasure hunt (number 11 :)):


Do you not know you are My special treasure? I bought you with My
blood, and you are costly. I had to pay the price for your soul. Look
inside the treasure chest--these are My treasures: the souls of men.
I hold them close to My heart and I treasure them. I had to pay for
them with My blood; I had to go and find them and I had to search and
dig for them.

This is what I ask of you, will you go and hunt treasure? Will you go
and dig? Will you go to the darkest places and find the treasures? I
will ask you to go places you haven't been before and do things you
haven't done before, but I will not send you where I have not been. I
may ask you to do certain tasks that only you can do, but you are not
alone. This will cost you, are you willing? Once the treasures have
been found, they will need to be washed and chiseled, nurtured and
bought before My Father.

Don't you know I treasure you? I hold you dear and I will bring you
before my Father, saying, 'This is My child.' And the Father will
smile and say, 'Yes, bring her into My house and into her inheritance.'

Please see: Matthew 6:19-21

Beautiful Mess said...

I commented yesterday but I must have been impatient with the word verification or something----LOVE LOVE LOVE this MIRACLES!!!!

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