Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blessings. . .yes, I'm joining in too!

On the note of Blessings. . . .
many of my "blog friends" have started a list of 10 blessings, and I'm joining in. . .
so, here I go (the list is not in order and is by far not long enough!!)

1. My family (yes, I'm combining them into 1!) My husband who loves me and the kids beyond measure and loves to spend time with us more than anything else! For Brayden and his sweet, gentle, loving personality. I love listening to him quote scripture, pray, and simply ask me to "snuggle with him 10 more minutes"! Gracie and her vivacious personality. I cannot describe her in words, you have to see her in action. This girl can eat! She loves other kids and absolutely lights up when she sees her Daddy or Brayden and feels she cannot live without me!

2. A large, believing family! I love that on both of our Families are SUPER excited about our adoption. My kids have Great grandparents and aunts and uncles who love Jesus and love them! Just check Laura's blog or my parents living room wall and you'll see Davis picture up already. . .along with lots of pics of Gracie and Brayden!

3. Deep friendships with Amazing women, (you know who you are!), God has given me sweet friends who know me and love me in spite of who I am! Who share the excitement of my children and the journey of my faith. Who love "girls nights out" and just plain going to Chick Fil A with the kids. For the beginning friendships and the ones that have been building for 20 years, I am deeply thankful for the women God has put in my life!

4. Living "the dream"! Unless we are super close or you have known me for my entire life, I don't know if I could even begin to describe how adopting a child from Africa is the realization of the dream of my heart. I have wanted to do this as long as I can remember and the fact that it is happening is still a bit surreal to me! I am truly living the deepest dream of my heart!

5. For a God who can put all that together. He is SO BIG! I can't believe that He could create for me a child half a world away and place that child in my heart. I ache for Davis in a way that only God could have created and LOVE the fact that Davis and I are both wrapped in MY Daddy's arms at the same time!

6. Mentors. . .Cathy Sullivan and Jon Dunwell to be exact! I LOVE that they will take the time to help me "process" my life! In whatever I am going through, they take the time (and time is not something they have in excess right now!) to coach me in my journey. To help me see through my emotions and sinfulness to pinpoint my own "work" and what I need to be bringing to the Father. Many times, I probably could come to the same conclusions they do, but they save me a bunch of time and heartache by telling me flat out "you're being self-focused right now. . .that's about you and you need to focus on HIM".

7. My "job"! I put it in quotes b/c it's just a sweet thing that they let me have it! I'm just a volunteer, but my pastor still considers me "staff" which is a very fun thing! I LOVE being on our wonderful church staff. I love serving with these amazing people (see #6! Cathy is our Dir. of Discipleship and Jon is our Pastor) and watching what God does at our church. I love the small groups and the teams I lead. I love being able to have a front row seat for God's Amazing Redemptive Work in people's lives!!!

8. The hard stuff. . . yes, I am Choosing to put this on the list! The hard stuff draws me closer to HIM and that makes it amazing. The last couple of years haven't been easy, but I have felt the Lord draw me into more intimacy with Him than I have ever experienced before and that is GOOD!

9. Small Groups and Blogging. . .Yes, I put these together. Why? Because the thing I appreciate about both is the opportunity to join someone on their journey!!! I love this!

10. The Adventure. . . .ok, so I tend to be someone who wants to peer over God's shoulder and check out what's on the schedule for the next 10 years. . .but,I gotta tell you that I'm glad He doesn't let me. I love that there is always something new around every corner and He's there to share it with me. It seems that everyone I know is embarking on some sort of adventure, whether in a new job, adoption, moving, having babies, joining small groups, stepping out into ministry or some other aspect!!! I love that God calls us into the unknown and then uses the ENTIRE process to teach us to TRUST HIM (if you haven't yet, read Trusting God by Jerry Bridges!)

There's my list. . .by all means not exhaustive, although in my long-windedness you may not believe that! I am so THANKFUL to serve a Great and Mighty God!!!!!! Love you, sweet Jesus!


Kami said...

Thanks for posting. I'm going to copy you.

Anonymous said...

Great list sweet girl.... and the Aaron Shust song was great to listen to while reading it. Love ya! Denise

Lori said...

Brandi...Love your list too! Thanks for sharing what God has given you.

Scott and Katy said...

What a blessing to hear your heart... you are blessed!

amber said...

Great list. I love how I have whole-heartedly agreed with everyone's lists! We are VERY blessed people! It is deeply humbing to contemplate all our blessings...

Thanks for sharing!


What a great list... So glad that you shared!! God is Good!!