Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Care Package Lesson (stolen from another blog!)

This was a post on another AoH family's blog (Joy over at Wedan Family Grows )that really challenged me, touched me, well, let's be honest I just sat and bawled the first time I read it and then later when I read it over the phone to a friend.

"This week it was posted on the Acres of Hope discussion board that the orphanage was in need of several supplies. Always eager to give to underprivileged children, I quickly made the arrangements to mail a shoebox sized care package to an adoptive family who will be traveling to the orphanage in August. Off to Target I went with my list in hand, cheerful to have the opportunity to give to these needy children.

Somewhere between the summer closeout onesies and the medicine aisle, it hit me. I was filling a care package for my son. My son is the needy, underprivileged child that will benefit from our charity. Of course, we know this, but it resonated on a deeper level. I checked my cart. Suddenly it became very personal. Are these supplies "good enough" for our child? What if our child is teething - will the orphanage have pain reliever for him? What if he gets a cut - will they have ointment for it? A cough - cough medicine?

Clearly, I could not fit everything my son would need in a shoebox. I would have to rely on the charity of others. So, when I really think about it, our family, separated by an ocean, is both privileged and underprivileged. We are giving to charity and accepting charity at the same time. As a recipient, I have a new gratitude for people who give, and specifically for Acres of Hope, who is faithfully providing love and care for orphans, including our son."

Since then, we've begun collecting donations for the orphanage. Now, realizing that this is just "some stuff" we'll send over to "some needy kids" has touched a deeper place in my heart. When Jess and I were in Walmart picking up medicines we asked aloud, "What could Davis need right now" "How can we help his friends?" and when we got up to the counter and she had a basket as full as mine, it made me just about cry. Then, my friends, Carrie, Allison, Jeanine and Shon and Jen have all collected things to send over. Every time, my eyes well up, b/c they're sending stuff to MY child. As Joy pointed out, my needy child whom I cannot provide for at this time!

Thanks Joy for the reminder and thanks to everyone who's donating to AoH and helping my little precious boy!


Anonymous said...

Amen sister! It's become MUCH more real since I have two hunks staring at me from their pics on my fridge now! WOW! Now Malaria means something wayyy different! New shoes means something more! Toothpaste, send tons!

I wish I could be the one helping to brush their teeth. To hold them when they are crying....

Love ya!! Denise

amber said...

I agree... 'giving and receiving' has a new meaning to me also because it is so deeply intertwined with my family in a tangible way.
I'm deeply blessed and grateful for all of your friends giving so freely. Please give them a great big "thank you" from me!
Bless you gals!


How Sweet. You brought tears to my eyes!!