Monday, July 23, 2007

Davis' Birthday Video and pictures

Here it is, our video from Davis' birthday! The kids, especially Brayden and Abbie, were so cute about his picture! (Abbie is Jessica's little girl and the love of Brayden's life right now!)

I can't wait to show him this!

Some notes: I'm in the pink and Greg is at the end by Gracie. Brayden and Abbie are sitting by Davis' picture (check out Abbie kissing him at the end!) and Abbie's dad (and Jessica's hubby) Nathaniel is sitting next to Abbie. Jessica is filming so not in the video. Thanks Jess Oh yeah. . .and sorry about the singing. . .we were more concerned about getting the kids to sign than singing well!

Here are the pictures too!


Anonymous said...

It wont down load all the way..We can't watch
love ya,

Laura said...

Definitely can't watch it. I am so sad

Kami said...

Cute pics!