Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Forced Fasting for Feeding!

In the absence of any Real News. . .meaning, adoption news, I thought I'd blog about our anniversary dinner this weekend. We went away to Naples for the weekend to spend time with Greg's sister Laura. We had so much fun being with her and her fiance, Slim. They are so wonderful with our kids and our kids LOVE them in return. (Just check out to see just what a great aunt she is!) So anyways, on Sunday it was our 7th anniversary. We decided to go away to a hotel for the night and leave the kids with Aunt Laura. We found a very cool hotel, the Naples Grande, which is designed a lot like a W hotel. It was so lovely to lay by the pool and read!!! (Greg's reading Blue Clay People which is a fabulous book if you want to understand modern day Liberia more) Then, we decided to go out for a nice, dinner at an ocean front restaurant at sunset. So, we find this great restaurant and sit down for dinner. Greg orders a steak. Now, this isn't just any steak, it's a $47 steak! I'm pretty sure half of what you're paying for is the view! Only 3 restaurants are actually on the ocean in Naples b/c oceanfront property is very expensive! So, Greg orders his steak medium rare, right? The first steak that comes out is most definitely Well Done. So, Greg apologizes to the waiter and says he doesn't mean to be difficult but the steak is way over done. The waiter apologizes and goes to make another steak. This second steak comes back (by this time, I've already finished my meal) and it also is done at least Medium Well, very far from medium rare. So, alas, the manager comes over and offers more steak. At this point, Greg is over it and says no, he doesn't need any other steaks, so the manager comps the rest of our meal. While we're walking on the beach watching the sunset Greg is super bummed that our big romantic dinner out was kind of a bummer (by the way, I also had a horrible canker sore so I couldn't eat much and really bad cramps!) As I'm trying to comfort Greg, though, I realize one thing, we did save ourselves about $120. Wait, we were planning on spending that money, so IT CAN GO IN OUR FUND!!! So, my honey may not have had dinner that night, but 120 Liberian children will get to eat!!! SO worth it!!!

Is that considered Fasting for Feeding?

PS. If you don't understand "fasting for feeding" go back and read the challenge on that in an earlier post.

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Lori said...

Love the steak story. My husband is a steak man too. Like Greg, he would have been so bummed about losing that meat he'd been so looking forward to eating.
I also wanted you to know that I am on my knees for you this week. I pray that God will do a miracle with your homestudy and referral. I can't wait to hear what he does. Thanks for praying for us.