Sunday, August 12, 2007


This was an event that we held on Friday night at our Church. We called it Eride: a Collision of Extreme Sports and Eternal Truth. We brought in "Untitled Skateboard" Company's Pro Demo Team who performed and also presented the Gospel. We had approx. 400 people attend with about %65 being community people (not from our church). We had a nice evening, although it was over 100 degrees! And 8 teens went forward. After counseling, we would say about 6 of them were first time commitments. It was very sweet, b/c the little boy of one of my small group girls went forward. Here are just a few pics. . .Not many of my fam b/c I was in charge so I had to run around a lot getting things together! Next time, I'll at least get a pic of Gracie! This is Brayden Cheering on the "Surfboarders" This is one of the neighborhood kids practicing his "skills"These are the Actual Professionals. . .Amazing, but CRAZY!!
This is Pastor Jon and I giving away the "decks" we had made. (Decks are skateboards without wheels!) We had them designed with our Eride logo; they were pretty cool! This little girl won, but I think her dad was more excited than she was!!


Welcome to Jen said...

That looks like SO much fun!!! I will get a pic or a few pics out to you asap!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Is that you with your cute litte blonde hair? You look like one of the teens!!

Sweet Bran!!

love, Denise

(that kind of looks like I mean cereal, or something... I need more coffee)

amber said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun. I love that picture of Brayden! He's such a handsome little boy.