Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Report. . .

I know. . .I'm a slacker! I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday! In my defense, though, (as if anyone has actually complained!) it has been a crazy weekend! We did lots of fun things and Brayden said a ton of cute stuff!

On Friday on the way home from Chick Fil A, Brayden decides to make up a story. It was so cute b/c in his story, he and "Davis~my brother" (what he ALWAYS refers to Davis as!) and their friend Ryan went into a spooky cave. I love that he's already involving Davis in his life!

Friday afternoon we headed to Tampa for the night. We went to the Indians vs. Devil Rays baseball game Friday night and spent the night at a hotel. This is the whole group. Front row is my dad, Glenn Stepp, "G", Granny, Brennan (my cousin) and Papa. Top row is Greg holding Gracie, my Mom with Brayden and Lisa Stepp.

We had fun and ate like crazy! (kind of a Goff family tradition!) Brayden was anxious to get to the "Real live baseball game" and eat "real live Cotton candy". However, the entire time he cheered on the Yankees. . .who were NOT playing in this game! His father has taught him well! The kids did good on a long night. They didn't get to bed until 10 pm which we don't do a lot! Brayden was very cute quoting his verses and praying before bed too.
(Greg and Gracie) (Brayden and Greg)

Can you tell I may have been a bit bored? I'm not a big baseball fan! I actually read a book for a little while and read a bunch of email on my phone! I was smart enough to change our yahoogroup feature to send me individual emails so I was celebrating with the AoH families who received passports, picked up their children and received visa appointments. I also took some cute silly pictures with Brayden. Although one or both of us were closing our eyes most of the time! He is cracking me up lately! When we put him to bed (us girls went back before the game was over) he said his verses and then prayed. While he was listing people, I quietly reminded him to pray for Davis too. So, he utters this prayer, "Jesus, please protect Davis. . .from the lions b/c he's in Africa" We could hardly keep in our laughter! Then next day we got up and spent the morning shopping (thanks for the new clothes for Gracie, mom and dad!), then headed home. Saturday night we went out with friends to celebrate Cory A.'s birthday. We had a blast laughing and eating and telling funny stories. We then headed to Sea World. Yep, just us adults. We rode Kraken (the roller coaster) and Journey to Atlantis (the water coaster) until they closed. It was so fun to act like highschoolers again! I wish I had pics to share but us girls didn't bring bags and the boys wouldn't put our cameras in their pockets!
Sunday was wonderful as well. Pastor Jon is hitting the mark lately! Aaagh. . .every time it hits me hard! Yesterday, one of the scriptures he used was about the disciples casting their nets on the other side of the boat. They were tired and frustrated b/c nothing was working, but they went ahead and cast their nets just b/c he asked them too! And he FILLED them! I feel like I've got some nets in the water right now, with Women's Retreat coming up (and not enough women signed up) and the Liberia trip (that no one has said yes to). I know I need to wait on HIM to fill those nets and trust Him if all He wanted was my willingness to cast them.

One more funny Brayden story before I close this LONG post up. . .after church we asked Brayden what he had learned in church. He immediately commented, "It was dark, but I wasn't real scared. " We figured, oh well, he's not old enough to really comprehend the lesson yet. However, he followed that comment up with "Jonah got eaten by a big fish and lived in his belly." I replied, "oh, cool". Brayden looked at me, VERY seriously and said, "That is not cool, Mama. He got eaten b/c he chose to disobey God and did not go where God told him to. He stayed in the belly of that fish for 4 days." "3 days?" I said. "Yes, 3 days and when he decided to change his heart and choose to obey God, the fish spit him out on desert land" "Dry land?" I asked. "Yes, Dry Land. We need to obey God. Our verse is 'God's way is Perfect'"! How amazing is that?! I was very impressed! He's so smart!


Laura said...

I love those munchkins, and I love Brayden's shirt. His really great aunt and uncle must have given it to him.

Measure Bray's inseam too, just in case the shorts are too short, I will have her order in pants too.

Love you guys.

millermoments said...

Such sweet pics! Brayden is quite the little, man, eh? This morning, Tobin heard me talking to an older gentleman about feeling sick this past week. So he yells out - "Mr. Bob, you need to drink your milk and eat your broccoli!" Apparently, my talking about healthy eating is finally hitting home! Aren't they soooo sweet with the things they say? :)

Sunday said...

Oh Bran, just as I told Jess the other day about "Abbie stories" I could just sit and hear "Brayden stories".Especially the stories of his prayers.So glad you had fun with your family at in Tampa. Great pics.Love you, Sun

Anonymous said...

GREAT post! I have wondered where you were!! I love your picture of the "nets" in the water, and waiting for God to fill them!! Love Ya! Denise said...

hey sister,love the pics of the kids..
Hey yeah I missed ya too this weekend.You were MIA....:)
love ya,
Davis is going to get his album......
I can't wait to see pictures of that..

amber said...

I missed you, too! I checked often hoping to get some sort of an update, you slacker! :)

Did you get my email about the shirt? If not, I'll send another. THANK YOU!!!

I loved the pictures. I had to smile, because I would have been reading, too. (I'm not a huge baseball-watching fan, either. I'd much rather be playing!)

It looked like the kids were having fun with your family. (You have the CUTEST kids, by the way!)


Faith said...

Such cute pics! And also the horse isn't ours :( but the neighbors to my in-laws that we were visiting. One day we hope to be there neighbors too and Sarah already has an unpaid job lined up excercising and grooming the horses. But, we would still love to have you come and visit, we could go to Disneyland:)
Blessings, Faith

Christina said...

Great pictures of the whole "fam." Give everyone my love!

Scott and Katy said...

I also missed you... checking your blog like mad, for weeks and weeks (J/K) and then all the sudden this!
Have I told you how amazingly young you look?
Great pics!!! Thanks!