Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Donna ~ From Acres of Hope

Many of you have heard me talk about Donna, from Acres of Hope. She is our adoption coordinator. She is WONDERFUL!! Not only has she been so helpful and kind during our adoption process, but I would truly consider her a friend. She not only helps AoH run things for the adoptive families, but she is an adoptive mom herself. In fact, she is in the process of adopting her 6th child now. No, they aren't made of money and truthfully I think the very process of figuring out the finances is overwhelming to her! However, they had previously adopted 2 precious children from one mom in Liberia. The mom happens to have Cerebral Palsy so that coupled with living in extreme poverty means that supporting children is not possible. Well, they just found out that this mom is expecting again. They have agreed to adopt this next child who is a biological sibling of two of their children. Will you come alongside them? They have set up a OneDollar Adoption Site. Anyone can give $1. . .however, I would like to challenge any of my friends here and especially ones that have LOVED following our adoption process and have LOVED getting new information on Davis to ask the Lord how He would have you bless this woman. She is and has done so much to serve this ministry, truly to serve my child. She has given much of her time, energy, and time (did I say that?) She is a stay at home mom when not working so I know what a sacrifice it is to serve in this capacity. Would you pray about giving $1? What about$5 or $10 or $100 if the Lord so leads? Thanks for taking this to the Lord. I will copy the links to her blog and to her onedollaradoption site. Please feel free to forward this site to anyone on your email list who would be interested in helping them! I'm so excited by the fact that the LORD chooses to use us to bless others in their journeys of faith and obedience.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Great post...I plagiarized some of it on my blog...Grin!

How was dinner last night! Can you believe those poor sweetums are stuck at in Belgium!!! Love, Denise

amber said...

Good reminder... I need to put a post on my blog, too. I'm so excited about watching God POUR out the funds!! I love being a part of blessing someone like this...

I love the house-swap idea, by the way... Florida sounds like a dream to me! You are VERY blessed to have all that sun and warmth and to live so near the Ocean.
There are times in the winter that I WISH we lived somewhere warmer!! (You'll have to watch out... I may just show up on your doorstep this winter and camp out for a while!! :)