Friday, September 7, 2007


I just got an email from Donna today with these wonderful pictures of my little one!!! Thank you Donna!!!

How cute is he? We sent him this Yankees jersey, just hoping for pics!

Do you think this is clean laundry? I LOVE this picture for some reason!

I can't wait to kiss on this face!

With Grandma Patty cuddling on the porch

With Aunt Donna snuggling!

Just look at that face!

Again I say.. . .Acres of Hope is the best agency EVER!!!!! Thank you for taking such good care of my boy. I LOVE YOU GUYS!


Tama said...

Soooooo Cute! What a treat to get new photos to linger on for another few weeks! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

YEA for you!! Yea for all of us with AOH!Yea for AOH...they are Angels. Love you!!! Denise

He's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Faith said...

Oh Brandi, he is a DOLL! You sure did get a ton of pictures, what a blessing that is when you are wanting him in your arms!

Laura said...

I love that little man. I can't wait until he he is here and he is smiling more like all the time. Any ideas on when a bring him home date might be

Blu and Darbi said...

How sweet Brandi! I can just imagine the happy dance you did when you got these pics!! Any of the other two??


Alward Family said...

Oh yea!!!! How exciting it must have been to get those pictures. He is just too cute. And I love the Yankees jersey...coming from a hugely Yankees devoted family!

Enjoy looking at them a million times, daily.


Kim & Dale said...

He is a doll! I don't remember where you are in the process. Has his adoption been finalized yet? Yes, we are so priviledged to have such a wonderful agency that gives us updates like they do. Thanks for sharing with us your adorable son! Kim

Blu and Darbi said...

I bet my last comment confused you! I am constantly getting you and Katy mixed I was thinking "why didn't she post pics of Haddie and her other boy??" Lol Sorry about that! I've got it all straight now!


Traci said...

What great photos...He's so adorable!!

amber said...

Wow... what a little sweetheart!!! I LOVE the jersey, too! Great pictures...

Campbell's Hope said...

Great pics..
I loved the email from Patty.
You go girl! I tell ya I love
your spirit...
Thanks for walking on this journey with me......I love having you along side me.Joesph and Davis are going to be buds...:)Disney here we come.

Love ya,

Lindsey said...

OMGoodness!! SOOOO cute!! I'm so glad he's being taken care of!

Jonathan said...

Oh, my grace!! I just can't wait to get my hands on him!! I can't imagine how you must ache!! Isn't it wild to see "you" in the pics with him!
Love you,

Kami said...

SOOOO cute!

jaz said...

He is truly gorgeous!!! And I so identify with your thankfulness for the care that AoH gives them!! Thank you, Lord!
Jamie Z. ;0)

Michelle said...

He is absolutely gorgeous! You are very blessed!