Monday, October 1, 2007

A few cute pics

My kids are a blast! Really, I mean it! Last week was a bit exhausting, but lots of fun at the same time. Greg had to work or play 5 of the last 7 nights, so the kids and I got lots of time together! We've been to the neighborhood park, gone swimming, out to eat with friends, watched movies and blown lots of bubbles (much to our dog, Dumptruck's amusement!)

Truthfully, I am working on spending more quality time with my kids. Actually sitting down and watching the movie with them or playing with toys. I'm really good at PROVIDING them opportunities to play, by themselves and with others, and even taking them to fun places. . .now, I'm working at being fun! It's hard sometimes, with everything else that has to be accomplished in a day.

I was waiting to post, b/c I am expecting an orphan report soon and want to post some good news and a few new pics of Davis. . .but, I guess if that happens you'll just have to get 2 posts from me today. You won't mind, will ya girls? (or guys, I guess, I just haven't had any comments from guys so that would be a bit creepy! Unless I know you, of course, then, it's just weird that you haven't told me you are reading my very private journal that I post publicly for the world to critique! ha ha)

Yes, these are the best pictures I usually get of Brayden! Always racing by me or stopping only long enough to say "cheese" which is not a long enough word to point and shoot your camera, much less get a good angle or zoom in!

Gracie, however, will ALWAYS stop to say "cheese"! In fact, it doesn't even matter if you are taking a picture of her. . .she pretty much just assumes


Cassie said...

Very cute pictures!! I'm glad you are getting some good time with your kids. Sometimes I forget what that is really like.

jaz said...

I especially love the last pic! And I love that you're working to interact more directly with your kids... I struggle with that, too. I am thankful for the chorus of older Mamas around me who keep chanting, "They won't remember how clean your house was! They'll remember YOU!" etc. :0) I find this is one of those areas where head knowledge is difficult to translate into ACTION! I'm going to sign off now, and go play with my sweetie. :0)
Jamie Z.

Jess said...

Finally, you have enough stuff to blog about daily. You really ahould record gracie screeming at you and post it, that woul dbe funny. I bet by those pictures people think she is just so cute, it's a good thing I love her attitude!

Kami said...

looks like loads of fun!

Tama said...

Too precious!

Anonymous said...

Good for you sweet girl! You will NEVER regret those special times with little ones....and I promise you they are gone WAY too soon and you will cry buckets of tears for the times you didn't get to spend or the things you just can't remember about when they were little....this is the voice of experience talking!
love you-
lisa e.

amber said...

SUCH cuties!! I just want to scoop them up and squeeze them!!

I hear you on the "playing WITH them"... I am working on the same thing!! Which may explain why mine has been such a stinker lately. She seems to just respond to life better when she has had quality "mama time"!

I can't wait to see pictures with all THREE of your kids running down the sidewalk together!

Love ya!

Laura said...

i love those kids.

snuggle em for me one time each.

Anonymous said...

You're a great Mom!!!! Any updates with Davis? I have been without internet and cell all last week when we were in Maine!! I couldn't wait to catch up the blogs! Love, denise

Scott and Katy said...

gorgeous pics!!!
I concur... you're a great mama! Can't wait to see one more right in the midst!

So, I clicked on on your ads and found out that Cambodian adoptions take only 4 months total!

I remember when the AoH website said, total time less than 6 months!

Oh well, Cambodia clearly does not have Alma!

So, we wait for our sweet angels!

Love YA,

Anonymous said...

Your kids are darling! Are you adopting too?

Jaime said...

I am challenged with the same thing lately with my girls. I am really wanting more quality time with them. At the end of the day, I want my kids to know I took time to live life on their level for at least a moment. Love you!


Alward Family said...

I will chime in on the feeling of not really playing or interacting with my kids since life's demands seem to take me away or distract me on a daily basis. They are so much better when they get my full attention but it is hard to do which is a sad statement. Good for you for making a point of it. I renew my commitment each day but seem to fall short. Oh well, I guess there are no perfect moms out there!