Friday, November 16, 2007

Nat'l Adoption Day!

Yesterday was National Adoption Day! Hooray! Not surprising at all. . .this is a great day to me. It was made even more beautiful by what my day entailed. My cousin and her husband, Jenny and Clay, finalized their adoption of little Jordan Michael. He is an adorable little man who went through a lot before coming into their home for good. They love him like crazy and have been waiting for a long time (2 years!) to make him theirs permanently.

To celebrate Nat'l Adoption Day, they did a mass adoption ruling at the Historic Courthouse in Orlando. Over 15 families finalized their adoptions through the state of FL. It was a beautiful thing. They even had the head of Metro Family Services and an Asst. to the Governor speak. And, to top it all off. . .they had the sweetest judge who, 12 years before had finalized his own adoption of their daughter in that very room. I walked into the room and teared up immediately. Every family that answered, "yes, we would like to make this little one our child FOREVER, " just made me cry. It was such a special experience!

Thanks, Jenny and Clay, for stepping up to the plate. For giving sweet Jordan a home, hope and future in our family. I am thrilled for him and for you guys and love you all very much!

PS: Jordan is obviously the little boy in the pic! He is being loved on by me, as well as his new big sister and cousin!


Jocelyn said...

Wow, Brandi! I admire the kind things you do for those kids.
I have an award for you over on my side. Have a nice weekend! :)

Jess said...

that is so cool, I teared up just looking at the picture, I think I would really be crying if I watched it!

Cassie said...

Very sweet. What a cool day.

kelly said...

how cool! and evenc cooler that you are my neighbor! :) mind if i add you to my blogroll?