Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Florida Snow?

Kids and Color: Yesterday, my friend Cassie came over with her 4 kids to play and get to know Davis. Her youngest daughter was desperate to get Davis to play with her, but he was being a bit shy. I jokingly said to Cassie, "he's still trying to figure out who all these dang white people are". Her little girl's response? A very indignant, "I'm not white!". Well, what color are you? "Probably an orangish-brown. I think Davis is more of a brownish-brown". I LOVE that!

Snow Fight in Florida? Today was spent at JoAnn's Fabric and then back to Jessica's to help decorate her tree. . .(She could not get this done with her little one and my 2 running around and sick last week!) The kids had a blast running around and playing. Davis very much enjoyed undecorating the tree right after I put the balls on. . .why? Balls! He loves anything he can throw . . .and the boy has a good arm to boot! Then, we went into Abbie's room to gather the 2 older kids (I can't believe how "old" my 3 1/2 year old seems now!). Abbie had fake snow under her little tree, so we got into a huge "Snow Fight"! Yes, we live in FL so throwing cotton at each other is as good as it gets here. The kids had a blast though. At one point, Davis decided to roll around in it giggling his head off! Too funny! We played in the "snow" for at least 30 minutes! As much as it isn't REAL snow. . .the nice thing is that it sure doesn't hurt when you get hit in the face with it. I've been hit with snow balls and most of the time it hurts! Now, my two boys are refusing to nap and wrestling and jumping on my bed while I write to you guys! I am LOVING this! I have the best BOYS ( I love that I can use the plural form now!) and the sweetest little girl (most of the time. . .well, right now, maybe I should say some. . .) who are absolutely loving each other.

That's my 2 cents for today! I still have to get around to posting our BUSH day pics and blog about it. Seriously, it was one of the best days of my life so I have a hard time even putting it into words b/c I know they will fall flat. . .but, I'll try soon. I'm kind of liking this posting every day or every other thing. Greg is too, so I'm sure he'll be back. . .although, I told him that as popular as his last blogs were, people are not going to be checking our blog every day now that we're home so he needs to tame his expectations about the vast number of comments he expects!


Laura said...

Can't wait to be with you guys again! We will be there a week from Saturday-

Love you all. Snuggle those kids for me

Anonymous said...

I loved your story about the cotton snowball fight-as we live up here in the snowbelt of PA and as I type we are having a snow storm-it is neat to think of being in Florida and being warm rolling in the cotton snow!!
Thanks for the posts-I love hearing how things are going with those precious kids!
I will keep trying to get in touch with you by phone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bran and fam,
Love reading your stories..
Keep it up girl.

love ya,

amber said...

Hey, I can send you some real snow if you'd like! I'll just FedEx it! :)

I am loving the updates and the pictures on your earlier posts... Davis is such a cute kid and I LOVE his little shaved head! Poor Henry would freeze if we did that to him... in fact, we are discussing letting his hair grow and putting twists in it just for added warmth this winter!

Henry is a Christmas tree ball-stealer too! He loves anything round that can be thrown. :)

I was jealous that Peter got to talk to you the other day and get all the updates! It's my turn next!!

(Oh, and Peter is all excited about a March trip to Orlando... so I thought I had better warn you that we're coming! :)

Love ya,

jaz said...

Good stuff! I'm glad you're all getting settled in so well. Praise God!! Can't wait to read about your BUSH adventure!
Jamie Z. :0)

Missy said...

I forget that people in other parts of the country are actually snowed in right now. It's been in the mid seventies where we are. The kids are all in shorts and tees and the windows are open. Crazy. It sure sounds like you are enjoying your family. I'll bet that snowball fight was a sight to see. What a blessing. Love you, Missy

Anonymous said...


I Love reading this! it makes me miss you guys so much and trust me I would love to be in warm Florida it is 30 degress in OKC and we are supossed to get a huge snow strom tonight! anyways hug and kiss those kiddos for me!!

Lots of love Betsy and Josh