Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This Christmas by TobyMac

Ok, the video isn't that great, but they didn't have this song on the playlist website. . .so, enjoy the song and you don't have to watch the video. Just listen to the words!

This Christmas, we celebrate with those of you who are home with your families, especially those home celebrating for the first time with your new little ones. Thank you for providing them a wonderful Christmas this year, especially those of you who have taken kids who are older. . .those that remember last Christmas and missing you. . .

We also ache with those of you who are aching for your children to be in your arms or who are spending the season wondering who or where your children are this Christmas. Thankfully, their first Father has them right in his line of sight. He'll be with His sons and daughters this Christmas.

Lord, this year, raise up your church to take care of those children. May next year be one of celebration for thousands of children who you will give a forever family.

Merry Christmas!


Andrea said...

Merry Christmas Brandi! We missed you the other night, but hope you are feeling better. Enjoy this time with your family and tell your cousins "hi" for me.

Love ya!

Jess said...

Such a sweet song...if you feel like crying! :)

Donna Barber said...

Beautiful song. I cant help but think about all the children who wont have a Christmas today. It is what drives us to adopt one more. We as Americans can afford to give up or do with out alot just to give one more child a chance and a home. Now if only our family and friends could understand.