Sunday, December 23, 2007

Festivus / my family is odd!

Because the days around Christmas are so busy, my dad's side of the family decided a few years ago to pick an alternate day to do Christmas. So, we've been meeting on Dec. 23rd. . .With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day having 'names', my Granny started complaining that the 23rd needed a name. We all teased her saying, "Goff Family Christmas doesn't do?" She persisted and we finally came up with a name. Festivus!

Ok, let me give you a litle bit of background before I tell you about "Festivus". . .this family gathering consists of my Granny and Papa and their 2 sons and their families. Let me tell you, by the time you are done reading this blog you may think we are white trash! Oh no, both my dad and my uncle are executives / presidents of their companies. My Uncle Barry's family consists of he and his wife (totally adorable, amazingly thin for 4 kids, can do anything kind of a woman) and their 4 kids. . .Brennan (16), Mitchell (14), Allie (12) and Justin (10). . Allie's a dancer and the boys are amazing athletes and all around really cool kids! My family consists of my sister Brittani with her hubby Mat and their kids Bradley (5) and Anna (2). . some of the cutest and funniest kids you'll meet and my newly married sister Steph and her hubby David (the epitomy of cool, both of them). . oh yeah, and us. . .but you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't already think we were half normal. . .now for the weird. . .

We are an EXTREMELY sarcastic / funny family. Always teasing and laughing. So, when Granny pushed for a name for our holiday, the family quickly took on one they had seen on Seinfeld, Festivus. Remember George on Seinfeld? This was his holiday. . so, it consisted of "airing of grievances" and "celebrating bitterness" and a "festivus pole". . oh yeah, and it was created b/c he was a non-practicing Jew who didn't feel right about celebrating Christmas or Hanakah so he created, Festivus - the festival for the rest of us. I know, weird for a family consisting of sold out Christians! This made us laugh so much that we had take it up a notch. . .
By this, our 3rd or 4th Festivus. . .our traditions include (and are being added to yearly)

1. The festivus pole (this is a large candy cane) that one family must take home every year and bring back redecorated the next. . . my parents had it this year and brought it wrapped in red garland with candy bars taped around it. . .don't ask!

2. The Airing of Grievances. . .this is where we make crap up about each other! i.e. Someone will anounce a grievance against my husband, Greg for eating too much. . .or some other nonsense. My sister said we left too much unpurchased on her wedding registry.

3. The Festivus Drink. . .well, b/c this holiday is originally about bitterness. . we all drink shots of lemon juice. . even the kids. . and then cringe

4. The obvious sharing of gifts and a meal. . .and LOTS of laughter!

5. This one is new for next year. . .beginning next year, everyone MUST come dressed in the ugliest holiday sweater that they can find. There will be a prize for the ugliest.

Yep, my family is crazy! But, hilarious! Let me just tell you, my cousins are the cutest things ever. Their whole family met us at the airport when we flew in at 1 am with Davis. These kids are thrilled about him and have been faithfully praying for him. That's why this year, they all got stuff either from Liberia or from the Product(red) line. In fact, the week after we arrived home, my 10 year old cousin, Justin (JJ) brought a new picture of Davis to school with him every day that week. You should have seen them with Davis tonight. They seriously lit up when he gave them the time of day (even the 14 and 16 year old boys!) They spent most of the night wrestling with him on the floor or throwing him in the air. I can't even tell you what it does to my heart to have a family that is as thrilled with our son as we are! I LOVE THEM!!

Anyways. . hope you don't think we're crazy! We may be, but I think it's the most fun family gathering ever!! I wish everyone had a Festivus!

The rest of our Christmas will be:
Spending all day tomorrow at my in-laws! We'll have a blast. . .here again we have the amazing Aunt Laura who you've already heard about and the rest of the family is a BLAST. . .there will be lots of card playing (I will win) while the kids nap. . .
a 4:30 Kids Christmas Service at church
tomorrow night with my mom's family. . .a HUGE family gathering that will be tons of fun.

Then, Christmas morning we're having stockings at our house, breakfast at a friends and a late afternoon present get together with my immediate family (always a hoot). . .then, off to Barry and Shannons for Christmas night. . . my kids love this b/c of the number of dogs, cats, fish and kids there. . .not to mention the pool, playground and drum sets available!

Merry Christmas!


Alward Family said...

Thanks for telling us where Festivus was from since it was killing me to remember...I love it!! It sounds like a total hoot to me. We did an ugly Christmas sweater party last year and it was hilarious!!! I kept telling my husband that our friends were playing a joke on us telling only us the theme so we would be the only two in hideous sweaters, but much to my relief everyone was sporting the horrible sweaters!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for all of your support and friendship this year!!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I've always known your family is crazy. You didn't mention anything about choosing favorites... that's one of the strangest things to me.

Jess said...

I think we are going to start celebrating Festivus..but no family allowed! I want something to celebrate with our friends.
I saw a book on this the other day..sound like a lot of fun! I think it would be fun to celebrate in January!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers...
You guys have a wonderful Christmas.
I want to see more pictures...


Jan said...

Love the Festivus ideas... wish we had thought of it.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Sounds like you have a FUN family!
Merry Christmas!
Julie L

Jamie said...

LOL that is so funny! Sounds like a fun family to be in!

Karin said...

How can you not love a holiday based on a Sinefeld episode?! This is so cool~ My husband and I would love a celebration like this every year!
Next Festivus, you'll have to post a group picture of the ugly sweaters!