Saturday, January 5, 2008

Help Needed in Kenya

Please read this blog: There is a need that is immediate for orphans in Kenya. I will say that I have not had time to thoroughly check out this organization to be able to give my whole hearted stamp of approval for sending money to them, but have been reading his accounts for the last week (if you are unsure about what is going on in Kenya, go back and read his blogs from Dec. 28th on). I will say that we have decided to donate to them for this project.

**PS I will probably be posting a blog soon on how I will be choosing my organizations to support and raise money for and the things I have learned in this process over the last few months.


Kami said...

Hey cute stuff, wanna just come with me to Liberia? Wish ya could. I love using Charity Navigator (.org) for looking at organizations here in the US. I don't think that helps too much with international orgs, unless they are US based. Compassion and World Vision are both on there for example. I would love to listed to you method in how you choose orgs.

Anonymous said...

Bran hang in there sister...God has got one big plan for your life..
Hang on it will get easier..


steffany said...

I can't wait to find out how you choose the organizations.
Talk to you tomorrow :)

Jackie Sue said...

Bran, I'm finally caught up on reading everybody's blogs...your last post touched my heart. How often we forget how rescued we are and then we see ourselves somehow as the rescuer instead of the is easy to forget and then just as easy to remember, submit, smile and grab hold again of The Rescuer's hand. love you.