Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As you can see, both kids love the Lapa from Liberia. . .Surprisingly enough, Gracie is easier to carry this way. She's lighter and a bit more fearful, so she holds on tighter! They both love it and beg for it though. . .it kills my back so I don't do it a lot. Last night, after holding both kids this way for a bit, I got out my sarongs and let them each do it. They all thought that was too funny. I should have taken pics, but didn't! They each had their dolls or teddys on their backs tied on with a sarong. Too cute!

This is much easier to do here in the states. The day that I used this for the first time was when Donna, Christina and I went down to Water Street Market. This is pretty much like NYC on steroids! TONS of people everywhere! Not just on the sidewalks selling, but sitting on the curb and walking in the center of the road. We were thankful that our driver, Louis, went with us. We were the only white people around, so we drew a little attention. Add to that fact, that I had Davis on my back. . .African style. Let's just say we didn't go unnoticed! This was the only time during our entire trip that I was a little uneasy. People kept commenting to me, "that your black baby?" "You know that baby's black?" "Who's baby is that?" Some of the people were very sweet when I answered, "Yes, I know he's black, yes he's mine and yes, he's Liberian". Many replied with a huge "Thank you" or a "can you adopt me?" ha ha! Other's just kept questioning or giving me dirty looks. With Greg not there, I believe that some probably just thought he was mine. . .which drew even more attention from the men who said they could "give me another black baby"! Very interesting to say the least! I wonder what comments I'd get wearing it out around town here??? I may have to try that soon!


Anonymous said...

You need to get a sling. They are great!!!

Who did you use to adopt your son?

Thanks for stopping in.... we live about 2 hours away from you!!!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

ok, I want to see you wearing another one around the front at the same time. That way, both kids can be hands free (plus the fact that it would look pretty funny) :)

steffany said...

No fair, Courtney lives two hours from you.

Where did you get your Lapa?

Kami said...

Great photos!

Christine said...

How cute. I've never carried two of my kids at once. :)

jaz said...

I love it! This is my favorite pic of you with Davis so far... keep 'em comin'!!!
Jamie :0)