Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prayer for Kenya, Uganda and surrounding countries

Friends, please join me in prayer. Kenya is in the midst of what could possibly be the beginnings of a civil war or even, some say, a genocide. After their recent elections, there have been accusations that the new president, Kibaki, "stole" the election. This has caused widespread rioting. There was a church attack that killed over 30 people. Kibaki and his opposition, Odinga are from differing tribes and some say this has the makings for a Rwanda type conflict. Tomorrow (thursday) Odinga has called for a 1million strong march in Nairobi. The police are currently trying to keep people from entering the city from the slums like Kabira (which is said to be a Odinga stronghold) and people are saying they will attend this even if it means threat of death. Kabira is where my brother-in-law, Slim, recently spent a couple of weeks. The children of Kabira (the largest slum in Africa) stole Slim's heart and anyone who read his blog. Please pray for the people of Kenya. Pray for peace! Click HERE for the full story from

Pray also for the surrounding countries. This note is from missionaries in Uganda:

"All fuel and most food comes in from Kenya. Kenya is the only port in Eastern Africa that supplies Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. Gasoline has gone from 1.50 per liter to over 4.00 per liter which translates to about 12.00 a gallon. We have been several times over the last 2 days to the gas stations to get fuel and today we were denied. There were over 150 cars in line to get fuel and that didn't include motorcycles and people with cans. This was at a station that had some fuel left. They have told us that by tomorrow there won't be any more fuel in Uganda. This will affect transport, food and electricity since the generators are run by diesel. The airport here won't have enough fuel in a few days and will shut down. So far no riots here, although the police are in full riot gear just in case."

In countries with little to no electricity, the use of generators in needed. Without fuel, you have no generators. Without generators, no light. Without light, more crime.

Join me in going to bed this evening imploring our Lord for the sake of the African people affected by this crisis. Wake up with thes faces in your mind. Let's join in prayer!


Jess said...


steffany said...

I will pray with you!

Scott and Erin said...

Oh Father, how you love the people of East Africa. Please grant them YOUR peace, teach them to love one another with YOUR love, open their hearts to YOUR truth.

Missy said...

I've only been loosely following any news lately, so thank you for bringing the details of this tragic situation to my attention. My heart just aches right now to think what the future may be for the people in Kenya and surrounding countries. Will it ever end? All we can do is pray.

Dr Joe said...

I have been to Western Kenya on a missions trip in 2005. The pastors that i taught still correspond with me through email. They are telling me that it is much worse than the news services state. Hunger is a problem ... the stores that remain open have increase the price up to 5X the normal cost. The pastors from Weybuye are planning a trip to El Doret to help those that were in the church. The Democracy in Kenya is held together because of the Christians there. Please continue your prayers. We still send financial help to those in Webuye on a monthly basis. If you want to help with that you can send it through my church. In Christ, Dr. joe LeMaster