Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh. . .what to blog?

I know it's Monday and has now been 3 days since my last post! I feel a need to blog! However, I don't think I have any cohesive thoughts right now! I want to blog / journal and process about my ministry life and how to do that with 3 kids. . .about NGO's and how they pay their in-country staff. . .about Ugandan women and their childbirth experiences. . .about tough questions and how to live in tension in so many different areas. . . .but, all I have time to think about is Valentines!

No, I'm not a hyper romantic. Actually, what is consuming my mind is our "Chocolate Ball" this Friday night. We are hosting an evening of Desserts and Dancing at our church. We'll have chocolate fondu fountains and lots of other desserts as well as ballroom dance lessons from Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I always get stressed out the week of our events. Oh yeah, I'm the Connections Coordinator at our church (more on that in a later post!) but that puts me in charge of all our events at church. This is one of our smaller ones, but kind of stresses me out. The huge events with 3,500 people create about the same amount of stress for me b/c we actually sell tickets for this one. The large events are free, so I always have a laid out budget. With this event, the money I have to work with depends on the number of people present! aaagh! I'm hoping for 150+ but currently have 125. My friend Sunday and I are personally calling 75 couples in the next 2 days to invite them! Please pray that just the right number of people come that God has ordained! The other thing that threw me for a loop is our centerpieces. We had planned on using some that a friend had on hand, but we just found out today that we can't!! Thankfully, I have a friend who is a creative dir and others who are quite creative and I think we have a NEW plan. . .aagh! All this means, lots more work and lots more running around. . . .oh yeah, with 3 kiddos! All that to say, I'm just praying that we get it all done, for the right amount of people, in budget, looking beautiful and that in the end it is a fun event that gives people a chance to connect with others and further their relationships among the Body. Wait, add to that. . .all without losing my mind! ha ha!

So, if you don't see many blogs till the weekend, you'll understand! (I love that I don't feel stupid for apologizing for not blogging. . .b/c normally I wouldn't post that b/c it would feel assumptive that people would actually be checking back and wanting to see blogs. . .but, now I know at least Missy is reading this and would be checking back every day! The rest of you may be glad to not have a list of 10 posts to check when you come back periodically. . .so count this little disclaimer just for her if necessary!

Add to that. . my laptop is broken!!! I hate having to sit in my bedroom and blog. . . .I'm so praying that it will be fixed when I call tomorrow!

Ok. . .sorry so boring today!


Missy said...

You know me far too well. Hope you have a wonderful time at the Chocolate Ball and all goes smoothly with you prep work.
Love, Mis

Anonymous said...

What a fun event-a chocolate ball!
How big is your church?
I have to say I am with Missy-I check email and check yours, hers and a couple other blogs before the kids are up and going-so I appreciate your posts too!
Julie L.

Campbell's Hope said...

Scott and I will come. I notice you didn't bother to call us.....

It will go great sister....It always does.


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Planning events with 3 small kids is not an easy task. I'm sure it will come together. It always does. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is one hot piece of are so lucky to be able to take him to the Chocalate Ball. You will be the envy of all the other ladies on Valentine's Day. Sincerely Anonymous

Alward Family said...

Sounds like a good time and I love the name Chocolate Ball!

Good luck.


Sara at Miller Moments said...

Sounds like fun! Wish we could come - I'm planning a special romantic night for my hubby to surprise him with after he gets home from his closing shirt at Chili's!

Have you been keeping up with Rocks in my Dryer and Boomama this week? They're in Uganda - blogging for Compassion - AMAZING, tear-jerking stuff - stuff I know that really pulls on your heartstrings! GO - you won't be sorry!

Good luck at the event! Praying for you!

steffany said...

I'm a little slow. I just read anonymous comment and I was like who would write that about "hot piece of tail". Sweet!
You two are a riot.
Have fun at the ball.

Rebecca said...

yikes! event planning can be so stressful - been there before! Hope it goes well - I'm sure it will!! (I wish WE could come!)

Scott said...

Brandi, tell Greg that his glogs have inspired me and ask him if it would infringe upon his intellectual territory if I named my postings slogs. Also tell him to quit making anonymous posts about himself.

Jess said...

now it has been another 3 days, what are you busy or somthing?

tell your husband (the glogger), that his tail is not that hot, and he should try pulling up his pants. We've all seen to much of that tail!

Jocelyn said...

You are too funny Brandi! Thanks for posting when there is nothing to really post about! You have too much time on your hands!

He he


Kelly said...

Bran - you'll do a great job at the ball. God is the God that brings people, so don't stress about that! And - tell Greg my husband's tail is hotter.

Scott and Katy said...

I also check back, even though I don't often comment but I do know that today is Sat. and your event was fri. and it's about time for a new blog!
I want some pics of you and that Hottie of yours, as well as an update on the event.
Love ya,

steffany said...

How did the ball go? I've checked back everyday, sometimes 4 times a day. I'm in total suspense:)

Karin said...

I'm with Steffany!
I check your blog during my daily "blog reading time"... and am in total suspense! How many couples made it?! did the centerpieces turn out?!
We're waitng to get the full scoop!
(Hope you're doing well and that you're rested after your big event!)

Karin said...

Okay. I know I just commented, but I wanted to pass this on to you and your readers! On my China Forum, there was a link to a jewelry lady and since I love creative people, I went there. They had some really cool Africa pieces and I wanted to give you the website. I might ask for the "expecting from China" for my birthday in April~ I'll get A LOT of use out of it with the wait as it is! :)

julie said...

i see you have decided to take a nap today and not blog. oh well, i forgive you because, after all, you do have bronchitis. get some rest, hope you feel better.