Saturday, March 8, 2008

Coming to Town!! Yay!

I'm super excited right now because my friends are coming to town!!! Who? The White family!! Yep, sweet southern Robin and her whole fam are coming to vacation in Orlando! They'll be here in May for a week!

So, for those who don't believe that you can make friends online. . .we will finally be "real life" friends too!

In fact, I'm also going to visit Erin and her super sweet Ugandans in a few weeks! I'm also going to see Becca, Jena and Chairty's whole clan while there. . .

Also, Katy and Amber are planning to be here in early November! Anyone else want to join us?!

I know it really does sound silly if I try to explain it to someone. However, I truly have met girls through this silly blogging thing that I really connect with. Girls who share my passion for Africa and who have "held my hand" through the crazy adoption process. Girls who call and we daydream and plan for how many ways we can figure out to help and raise money in Africa.

So. . .I'm glad today that I have plans in the next year (if you know me well, you KNOW how much I love to have vacations planned out for the year and fun things to look forward too!) to finally meet in person some of these sweet girls and their families!


Scott and Erin said...

oh Bran, we are sooooo excited!!!!! why don't you just leave tonite and stay the month? ;) Love you!

Scott said...

Hey! We are fired up...Cooper has already packed his clothes.!

Johnson said...

Too cool! That sounds like fun! We'll have to wait until after our kiddos come home before we can travel to see you, we've never been to Florida. Oh yeah, I think you were the one that asked about having a button for the orphanage project that people can put on their blogs. Well, I made one. Go to the site and copy and paste the code. I'd love to see if it works!

S and K said...

Oh my, I can't believe it... will Amber really be there in November???? Okay, so who else is going to come down to FL in Nov????

Taylor said...

AMBER??!!?? How Cool!!! :o)
I am SO excited! It will be so cool to finally get to see you and Gracie and The boys(as in Brayden,Davis and Mr. Greg...:o)-'in person'
*I cannot wait* Yay! Yay!
Luv ya so much,
(can u tell I'm excited?)

steffany said...

How fun.

Tama said...

We have been tenatively planning Orlando in November as well! If we can recoop financially and vacation time after the surgeries! It is our anniversary and the girls birthdays all in late Oct and Nov. That would be tooooooo fun!!! We usually bring our camper and stay at DW's Fort Wilderness Campground. It's way cheap for the convenience.WOOO HOOOO! I would love to see all my adoption/bloggin' buddies!

Missy said...

If Katy, Amber and Tama are going to be there in November, then I am too. What a great opportunity to meet 4 of my favorite mammas.

amber said...

Oh THIS is what you were talking about in your comment about it being official for all the world to see! You are very sneaky! :0)

Gosh, it sure would be fun, though! Especially if Missy and Tama can make it... and by then who knows who else we might talk into coming?!!? :)

Love ya!

annNEE said...

It is SO cool that you have made great friends through blogging! I love it!