Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter. . here and in ROCKHILL

PRAISE JESUS!!!  Our Risen Lord is what we will celebrate tomorrow!  We will celebrate how He chose to suffer and die for us.  We will celebrate how He overcame that death to LIVE and to offer us LIFE!

If you will please notice the thermometer to your right!!  Yep, we have made our goal.  Because you chose to live Jesus in this world, for others. . to suffer and sacrifice in some small way b/c of how HIS sacrifice changed your life. . .the people of RockHill will have life as well!   

Not only will they make the announcement tomorrow that they will be offered life, in the form of clean water that will not harm their children.  Even more special is that they will have the opportunity to present this water as a gift to their community as evidence of their love for Jesus!

Thank you SO much!  I am in tears and in awe.  Thank you Jesus for allowing us to be a part of your work with the precious people of Rock Hill!  Thank you friend for being a part of this!  


Missy said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I never doubted that God could do this in spite of some of the things we talked about this week. YAY!!! WOO HOO!!!
Love you,

julie said...

being that i just got back from rock hill, this is awesome news. i would love to go back and hear the announcement. we are so excited about this. the people there are so desperate, this is just the best news.

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting Brandi! What fun to know they have already celebrated our risen Lord and made this exciting announcement!! God is so good! It makes this Easter even sweeter! Love, Christie

Sarah said...

Hey Mrs. Brandi
I just did the template for "Kids LAKE". Tell me what you think and be totally honest :0)

jaz said...

You ROCK!!! I am completely inspired by your tenacity in following the Lord's promptings in your life. PRAISING HIM WITH YOU!!!
Jamie :0)

Anonymous said...


Love you - R