Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's time to pray

Hey guys, I need to ask you to stop right now. . and every time you think of these two families and lift them up before the throne. We celebrated today HIS triumph over death and his power to give life and we pray this same power that raised Christ from the dead will be at work in these families and their sweet children.

Pray for Steffany. She is in Ethiopia picking up her 22 month old twins. Here is the update from her blog:
Diezel and Daizey would have died within about a week if they had not arrived there. Currently they are wearing newborn diapers which are too big on them. They could not sit up or even move their own bodies as of yesterday, but are making some improvements today. They are starting to move a little on their own today. Daizey is getting better but she has huge sores on the back of her head. They are big open wounds. Her entire mouth all the way down her throat is infected with green sores. She is only weighing about 7 or 8 pounds. Diezel weighs a tiny more at about 9 lbs. However he has terrible diarrhea right now (going every hour), and is not keeping anything in him. They are eating which is good, but not keeping much down. Adam and Steffany are going to be taking them to the hospital tomorrow. It was around 2am there, so in the morning their time they will take them to the hospital.

She said they look like any National Geographic photo we've seen of starving children in breaks the heart. Adam and Steffany are holding up and so grateful that they are there in time to get them the help they need. Diezel has a sweet spirit and Daizey won't let Steffany put her down. She gives her a mad look if she tries to and moans/whimpers at Stef to pick her back up.

Their embassy appointment is on Thursday and Stef would like to try to fly out with them early on Friday if their bodies are strong enough to handle the flight. She'd like to get them home to get all the medical attention they need as soon as possible.
Pray also for little Ellie Horrocks. She is in the hospital recovering from one surgery and gearing up for the next on Wed (mark your calendars now). Here is her latest update:
Came home with the kids tonight and received a call from Denise a short time ago that Ellie is running a 103 deg fever. They listened to her lungs as well and the one side sounded "diminished". The respiratory therapist is checking her right now. We have so appreciated and felt your prayers during this ordeal and ask for you to take her before the throne of God.

"I sought the LORD and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears." Ps 34:4

We rest fully in this promise from our LORD. I am asking God in faith to break the fever tonight and that He would keep her from getting any pneumonia...would appreciate you standing with me on this....and thanking Him for doing it because He said if "we ask anything in His name He will do it" - for His glory and honor.

Love you all and thank you so very much!

update-ellie has all of a sudden spiked a high fever....breath sounds are bad one side

Thanks for joining me in lifting these families before the Lord~


Rebecca said...

I am lifting them up in prayer today. Thanks for sharing with us so that we can do this!

Andrea said...

Brandi, thanks for all of your comments on my blog. Your kids are adorable! I love the one with Grace and Allie. Please let Barry and Shannon and the kids know I miss them.