Sunday, March 30, 2008

Those cute Ugandans!

This weekend was so much fun! You can check out Jena and Erin's blogs to see more. . .In fact, Erin has a rundown of our entire schedule! Instead, let me tell you how it felt. . come on, you knew I'd get sappy. . .we had a BLAST! First of all, Erin's kids are ADORABLE! So loveable, so well spoken and sweet. . so just plain fun! I LOVE them. . in fact, before I go on. . check them out!

Aren't they just too cute. I LOVE their sweet Ugandan accent! I can't wait to get to Uganda one day to visit them, when they move there to start an orphanage on the banks of the Nile!

I had so much fun spending time with these girls that share a heart for Africa. We talked about it ALOT (when we weren't talking about kids or girl stuff!) These girls (I got the chance to hang with Becca, Kelly (she doesn't have a blog but is adopting from Liberia), Jena and Erin). I had an extra night too, with Jena. Let me tell you, these girls are crazy, fun, Loud (in so many ways) and have hearts that seek after our Lord! It was a pleasure. Especially sweet was the time we spent last night praying for Ruth who runs an orphanage and school in Uganda.

It was fun especially to not feel weird. Let me explain. The truth is, I think about Africa almost constantly. I'm not even joking. Sometimes I feel weird. . like Africa has invaded my mind and I just can't stop it. I have a hard time finding other things to talk about even at times. My friends teasingly call me "SF" (singular focus) and my family has nicknamed me "johnny-well-note" (like johnny one note, but with wells). The truth is, I can imagine that it's actually pretty annoying to other people at times. It's even frustrating to me! So, it was nice to spend time with others, knowing that they felt the same ache and thought the same things, in abundance!

Thanks girls for a sweet time of fellowship! LOVE you all!


jena said...

I miss you, your sweet children and hope you are well. Well, guess what... I think you should come back... you don't need to live in Florida. You might as well know there are houses for sale all over my neighborhood that have big backyards. We'll get Erin to move to my neighborhood as well.

Well, I need to scoot, miss you. Be well!

Anonymous said...

You know I don't think your crazy or annoying... I think you are AMAZING!!!

I'm glad you found more single focused "crazy's" to unite with!! Keep blogging - it's so exciting to hear about what's going on!

love, annee

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Those kids are adorable! I'm glad you found people that are right where you are and never get tired of talking about Africa. That is such a blessing.

toddpetitt said...

We just wanted to say thank you for putting our link on your blog! We have already had someone come from your blog and buy a bag from Africa Bags.

Thank You,
Todd and Holly Petitt

jaz said...

I LOVE your heart for Africa! I rely on your blog to help rouse my passion and direct my prayers. Keep it up, girl!!
Jamie :0)

Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

i love your site.. would you like to trade links?

Can of Thoughts

Diane Larson said...

So great to hear about your trip, I am jealous. Noelle and I have decided after our child comes home another trip to Disney World will be necessary, I can't wait to meet you in person. When you have a minute, check out my blog. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh Brandi, how sweet! I'm glad you got to gush :) about Africa and didn't feel bad. I love and appreciate your passion and never mind hearing about it. What sweet new friends you have though!! Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of your vacation with the Glogger. See you when you get home. Love, Christie