Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Davis' First Time Swimming

Is it insane that we had to go to West Virginia (chilly, West Virginia at that) to take Davis swimming for the first time? ha ha! The resort we are at has an indoor pool, so Davis got his first taste of swimming. He LOVED it! Smiled the whole time and thought it was amazing. It was very cute! I'll have to really teach Gracie and Davis to swim soon, though since taking the 3 kids to the pool may be difficult this summer if I have 2 non swimmers!

I actually was already down by the pool because my sweet hubby had ordered me a reflexology appointment (a fancy footrub!) at the spa. It was so nice! In fact, the appt was for 25 min, but we got to talking (about Emmanuel actually!) and she just kept rubbing my feet so I actually got a 50 min massage! Anyways. . Greg brought the kids down and didn't bring the still camera, so all I have is video. . here you go!

And here are Gracie and Davis snuggled up in their towels on a lounge chair talking about their swimming experience.

PS: Someone is working on info for our Well Project for the month of April! Please join me in praying that this will be worked out for us to announce VERY soon!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

How fun!! I'm sure there are many more swimming adventures in his future.

Jess said...

Did he actually repeat what you said? So cute! Abbie says hi, i have had to play the video a few times.

Yeah you better not go swimming alone until they can swim, I guess I will have to go with you.

We can use the new zero entry pool!

Missy said...

Very Sweet. Davis' voice sounds just like Levi's. You guys have fund.

jena said...

I love the spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

amber said...

Oh, what fun! We were just talking about taking the kids to an indoor pool yesterday... I know ours would love it too. Henry got so excited watching the videos -- he kept saying "bath" and laughing his cutest laugh. :0)

Thanks for the message on my phone. I meant to call back today and the time got away from me. I will try you soon. We are doing well just resting in God's sovereignty, but we sincerely appreciate the prayers for Henry.

Love ya!

Amber Shimel said...

How cute!!! Noah had to watch it over and over. And Davis is speaking so much better than last time we took notice. We miss you guys!

Kerri said...

I can't get your email to work this morning!

Rebecca said...

cute cute videos! It's fun to see the kiddos in action :)